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How an international fashion company transforms customer service experiences with conversational AI

July 26, 2023
Tomas Kasman

Head of Marketing CEE, Google Cloud

Laura Nowakowska

Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud

LPP S.A. (LPP), a Polish international fashion company that manages five clothing brands, maintains an extensive e-commerce footprint and operates over 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores in almost 40 countries. With double-digit growth across all brands and markets, LPP increasingly relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate and transform customer service experiences.

“Sales of LPP brands are rising throughout Europe. In 2022, foreign revenue constituted approx. 57% of the Group’s entire receipts,” says Dawid Telepski, Contact Center Director, LPP S.A. “AI and ML play a major role in boosting revenue—and reducing operating costs—by empowering customer service representatives to more efficiently connect and communicate with people.”

Scaling customer service with Dialogflow CX and Yosh.AI

In 2020, Google Cloud partner Yosh.AI consulted with LPP and suggested digitizing customer support with conversational AI based on Dialogflow CX. The strategy focused on automating several communication channels. LPP ultimately paired Google Business Messages with Google Cloud’s Dialogflow CX to drive sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction for select channels and brands. 

The impressive results prompted the fashion company to further expand its use of Google AI and deploy advanced virtual chat agents across communication channels including its website, social media accounts and other digital properties across multiple countries.

“Yosh.AI reinforced our thinking about the versatility of AI in a retail environment,” explains Telepski. “When we saw virtual chat agents engage in lifelike conversations to quickly resolve customer queries, we couldn’t wait to leverage Dialogflow CX for every digital channel, including web, mobile, and messaging services.”

With over 300 channels and dozens of languages to support, Yosh.AI inspired LPP to uplevel its virtual chat agents with new integrations and capabilities. Powered by Dialogflow CX, the Yosh.AI platform works seamlessly with many popular apps, from text AI agents including website chatbots,  Google Business Messages, and social media. A voice version launched for LPP in the U.K. market helped LPP provide automated delivery status checking for customers. Yosh.AI also offers out-of-the-box support for 133 languages via Dialogflow’s native language solutions and Google Cloud Translation API, along with an intuitive low-code interface that significantly reduces development and virtual agent training time.

The Yosh.AI engineering team closely collaborated with LPP to integrate its virtual agent technology with the fashion company’s Genesys Cloud Contact Center, websites, and messaging platforms. LPP’s virtual chat agents now continuously evolve with new features, rules, and advanced natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities that automatically scale across devices, apps, and channels.

As of March 2023, Yosh.ai has developed and launched 106 chatbots and a voicebot for five LPP brands. These AI agents are available in many languages including English, German, and French.

“Because Yosh.AI is built on Dialogflow CX, training our virtual chat agents to handle new payment methods and delivery options takes minutes, not hours or days,” says Telepski. “Yosh.AI also makes it easy to deliver natural and interactive customer experiences.”

Empowering human agents and increasing CSAT scores

Yosh.AI virtual agents help LPP automate chats, decrease wait time, and increase customer satisfaction scores (CSATs). For conversations escalating to live agents, Yosh.AI enables staff to resolve requests faster by providing highlighted chat transcripts, recommended responses, and actionable analytics via the dedicated Yosh.AI platform that is based on BigQuery and Looker Studio.

“Yosh.AI empowers human agents to participate in multiple chats simultaneously by accurately identifying intent, analyzing sentiment, and providing step-by-step assistance,” says Telepski. “Because complex, high-priority requests are now quickly completed, our customer service team can spend more time focusing on driving revenue.”

Yosh.AI recognizes the great work LPP is doing with its platform as well. 

“LPP conversational AI solutions based on Dialogflow CX are extremely advanced, delivering accuracy of over 90%. This high accuracy, combined with natural ‘human-like’ communication delivered by AI agents allows LPP to enhance customer support and deliver significant business benefits.  We are very proud and grateful for this successful cooperation with LPP.” says Katarzyna Dorsey, CEO of Yosh.AI.

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