Expanding our partnership with Citrix to modernize workspaces and move them to the cloud


Google and Citrix have been strategic partners since 2011, working together to deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to Chromebooks. Today, we are extending our deep engineering collaboration with the launch of Citrix Workspace with Machine Creation Services (MCS) support for Google Cloud. We made the announcement at Citrix Synergy this morning.

Citrix has had tremendous success in simplifying IT’s everyday work and building solutions to empower people to be more productive and efficient in their jobs. Partnering with Citrix means we can bring those capabilities to Google Cloud  customers and embed Google’s scale, infrastructure and compute in Citrix’s services.

With Citrix Workspace with MCS on Google Cloud, you can quickly scale Citrix workspaces on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to easily manage your instances’ lifecycles. That means you can manage VM provisioning, standardize images and manage patches in an automated way, while taking advantage of the full range of VM benefits on GCP such as custom machine types.

You’ll also be able to provision a completely cloud-hosted VDI solution accessible from anywhere on the globe running on GCP. This brings you all the benefits of Google Cloud—reliability, security, performance and scalability—and lets your users access virtual apps and desktops as well as G Suite, Google Drive, and SaaS apps on all devices with single sign-on (SSO).

Integrations between Citrix and Cloud Identity provide you with a more unified, secure, and seamless authentication experience for G Suite and Workspace. Google Cloud and Citrix will continue to work together to bring new integrations for your modern digital workspace environment.

“This is what the future of work looks like. As companies move more apps to the cloud, they need an easy, secure and reliable way for employees to access these apps anywhere, anytime from any device,” said Mark Ferrer, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Citrix. “Together, Citrix and Google Cloud deliver an elegant digital work experience with unified innovation delivery and unmatched performance and reliability.”

Citrix Workspace with Machine Creation Services (MCS) support for Google Cloud is available on demand today to select customers, and will be rolled out to all customers in the third quarter of 2019. Sign up here for more information.