Viva Las Vegas, with our latest Google Cloud Platform region

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If you’re running in the cloud, more regions means being able to build reliable, fast applications that can serve your local customers. Today, we’re launching our newest Google Cloud Platform region in Las Vegas, bringing a fourth region to the western United States, the seventh nationally, and our global total to 23.

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Now open to Google Cloud customers, the Las Vegas region provides you with the speed and availability you need to innovate faster and build high-performing applications that cater to the needs of nearby end users. Additionally, the region gives you added capacity and the flexibility to distribute your workloads across the western U.S., including our existing cloud regions in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Oregon.

New capacity for local users

Aristocrat offers users a range of digital products from casual social gaming to casino games. Speed to market, and the ability to predict and scale infrastructure over the life of a game, are key requirements for their business. Aristocrat uses Google Cloud to deliver gaming experiences to millions of users everyday. 

“Cloud technologies enable two important outcomes for us,” said James Alvarez, CIO of Aristocrat. “First the ability to securely, consistently and immediately enable and disable game development platforms; and second, our ability to expand and contract our infrastructure based on demand. Both of these capabilities allow us to flex our technology to fully support the demands of our customers and our business. The Las Vegas region gives us the opportunity to more directly engage Google Cloud services and take advantage of an entry point into the network.” 

We’ve heard from many of you that the availability of your workloads and business continuity  are increasingly top priorities. Let’s use the new region in Las Vegas to explain a bit more about how regions, and the choice of where to run your applications, may impact your reliability.  

Zones, regions and multi-regions

Like all regions across Google Cloud’s fleet, Las Vegas offers immediate access to three zones. Each zone is composed of separate software, power, cooling, network, and security infrastructure, and includes a large pool of compute and storage resources—think of it as the fundamental building block of your Google Cloud infrastructure. 

Perhaps the simplest analogy for a zone is a single data center. But like a single data center, there are limits to how much reliability a single zone can offer. If you need to architect fault-tolerant and highly available applications, you’ll want to use multiple zones and for even greater resiliency, use multiple regions. Google Cloud offers regional services that automatically distribute data, processing, and user traffic across multiple zones in the same region and multi-regional services that automatically replicate data and processing across multiple regions.  Like all regions, the zones in Las Vegas are connected by low latency high-bandwidth networking and our private backbone provides a secure connection through our global network between Las Vegas and the other 22 GCP regions globally. 

Getting started

If you're new to Google Cloud, check out some of our resources to get started. You can also integrate your on-premises workloads with our new region using Cloud Interconnect or explore multi-cloud options with Anthos. You’ll have access to our standard set of products in Las Vegas including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Google Kubernetes Engine, Bigtable, Spanner and BigQuery.

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Visit our cloud locations page for a complete list of services available in the Las Vegas region.

We are excited to welcome you to our new cloud region in Las Vegas, and eagerly await to see what you build with our platform. Stay tuned for more region announcements and launches. For more information, contact sales to get started with Google Cloud today.