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Spanning the globe with Google Cloud VMware Engine

September 10, 2020
Manoj Sharma

Director, Product Management

Google Cloud VMware Engine became generally available a couple months ago - providing everything an enterprise might need to non-disruptively migrate and run its VMware environment natively in Google Cloud, to benefit from Google Cloud’s high performance and scalable infrastructure, while reducing the operational burden and cost of managing infrastructure. 

Customers from around the world have expressed overwhelming interest in the service, spanning use cases and industries including telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare. To ensure we can serve those global customers, we’ve been working to expand our regional footprint. Today, we’re delighted to announce that Google Cloud VMware Engine is now available globally in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with the expansion into the europe-west3 (Frankfurt), europe-west2 (London), and asia-northeast1 (Tokyo) regions. The service is now live and generally available in five regions, building on existing availability in us-east4 (Ashburn) & us-west2 (Los Angeles).


Customers such as Mitel are leveraging the service to accelerate their cloud journey and unlock new growth opportunities. “Google Cloud VMware Engine shortened our implementation cycle — we can move our customers in just a few weeks (not months) to a well known, stateful environment in Google Cloud,” said Rick Cirigliano, Senior VP of Cloud Operations at Mitel. “This speeds up our time-to-market, allowing Mitel to maintain our revenue stream and providing opportunities to upsell more services.” 

With today’s announcement, customers around the world can begin to realize similar benefits and deploy in their local regions. Our presence in multiple regions worldwide allows customers to benefit even more from the highly differentiated networking features of the service. For example, when VMware workloads need to communicate across regions, they can do so using Google Cloud VMware Engine’s global routing service. This approach to multi-region connectivity doesn’t require a VPN, or any other latency-inducing connectivity options.

We’re committed to making it simple to get started with this service and help you optimize your consumption up front. Our fully managed service offers the highest density storage and memory per core to help reduce your total cost of ownership. For a limited time, we’re offering a 12% discount on all Google Cloud VMware Engine SKUs with a new agreement (contact sales for more information). We’ve also developed tools to help you calculate costs up front with our online pricing calculator, enabling you to configure and estimate your costs based on different commitment terms, number of instances, and regions.

We’re also making migration faster and easier with the recently announced Google Cloud Rapid Assessment & Migration Program (RAMP), a holistic end-to-end migration program complete with tools, incentives, and offers. You can also learn more about getting started with your migration journey by reading our blog on migrating your vSphere VMs.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be hard. By migrating your VMware platform to Google Cloud, you can keep what you like about your on-prem application environment and tap into next generation hardware and application services,  all while reducing costs and your operational burden. To learn more about Google Cloud VMware Engine, check out our Getting Started guide.

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