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What's Google talking about? Google-y podcast weekend listening

October 21, 2022
Max Saltonstall

Developer Relations Engineer

What's Google talking about? Google-y podcast weekend listening

With the weekend approaching I'm looking forward to some browsing at the farmers' market, some baking at home with my family, and a ton of listening to podcasts. Google's got you covered if you want some more tech content, as we've been expanding the content on our Cloud podcast page with two exciting new series just coming in hot off the digital presses.

Interested in the latest in Cloud Security? Tim and Anton have you covered in the Cloud Security Podcast, including a great episode on how the security team responded to Operation Aurora in 2009 (and into 2010), from Mike Sinno. Listen to learn more about how to approach insider threats and how to continually refine your security posture to prevent the next big breach. Hot off the presses and onto our podcast network!


The Cloud Security Podcast

Do things sometimes go wrong for the services you make and support? (If not, wow, please contact me) 

Google's SRE teams regularly dissect and learn from incidents through our post-mortem process, which you can learn more about from Ayelet Sachto, part of the SRE team in Google London. Check out the second new addition to our podcast home: The Prodcast!


Google Cloud SRE Podcast

If you like to listen to the latest while cleaning, jogging or juggling flaming torches (like me) then you'll love diving into Google Cloud Reader, where you can hear blog posts read to you. This week's episode features Mark Mirchandani diving into ways to make your billing data easier to analyze using BigQuery. Listen in and learn a bit more about how to take advantage of this integration.


Google Cloud Reader Podcast

For you data scientists out there, we've got a great recap of the big Data & Analytics announcements from Google Cloud Next 2022. Stephanie Wong and Debi Cabrera talked with Bruno and Maire, two leaders in our Data Analytics organization who dive into industry trends and new announcements that you shouldn't miss.


Google Cloud Platform Podcast

What are you listening to? Let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn, and check out some of these podcasts to stay up to speed on Google Cloud.

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