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The networking 101 GCP reference sheet: Networking basics

June 23, 2022
Ammett Williams

Developer Relation Engineer, Google

The networking 101 GCP reference sheet: Networking basics

IT networking conversations involve a lot of terms that may be unfamilair to many. Trying to understand a networking document or conversation might seem like a completely different language for non-practitioners. 

Networking 101 GCP sheet

The networking 101 GCP sheet provides you with a quick glance of some common general networking terms. In addition to the general terms some Google Cloud specific services have been added so that you can make a quick connection between both.

Easy to follow

The document is divided into several topic areas and short definitions are placed under each section. You can check out various topics under the following headings.


Networking 101 GCP sheet preview

Common Questions

In addition to the quick references on the sheet, you will also find some common questions with answers included in some of the sections in the document. 


You can view the document and download the pdf version via GitHub

More Google Cloud services

You can see more Google Cloud services online via the interactive online developer cheat sheet to dive deeper into the Google Cloud Platform.


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