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Australia Post delivers online and in-person for customers

April 9, 2019
Colin Timm

ANZ Country Director, Google Cloud

For more than two centuries, Australia Post has played a vital role in the Australian community. Last year alone, it delivered more than 3.3 billion items to 11.9 million delivery points across the country and to 190 countries worldwide. Yet during its 210 years of service, Australia Post has never stopped evolving, most recently expanding into parcel delivery and growing its digital business to include retail, travel, and financial services and solutions. As a result of its transformation, it now generates huge amounts of data across its organization.

Today, we’re excited to share that Australia Post has chosen Google Cloud to power its enterprise data analytics platform. Here’s more on how they’re using the cloud.

Improving customer experiences with analytics

Australia Post CIO John Cox has told us cloud technologies help the company process parcels faster and real-time analytics help its customers get their goods sooner. “We are one of Australia’s most trusted organizations, and we don’t take that trust for granted. Our customers are more sophisticated and empowered than ever. They want choice, control and convenience in how, when and where they access our services,” Cox says.

The results of moving to Google Cloud has been transformational for the organization in just a few months. BigQuery has given Australia Post visibility into every stage of the mail delivery process and helps its teams make decisions faster. The amount of time it takes to perform analytics has been reduced by a factor of 10, including how long it takes to use visualization-intensive business intelligence applications, such as Tableau. This means operation managers can now see what’s happening in sorting facilities in real time, helping to identify flow blockages almost instantly. Previously, these types of insights would only be available at the end of the day, but now they’re delivered within 15 seconds—that’s 300 times faster.

“The need to transform and embrace data has been huge for us over the last decade, so partnering with Google Cloud was an easy choice for us. With near real-time data analytics, we can free up valuable resources, act quicker and provide better service to the millions of Australians that rely on us every day. We are planning on using machine learning to identify ways to save customers time and give them more certainty about their delivery choices, and we look forward to seeing that unfold,” says Cox.

Australia Post plans to continue exploring BigQuery. We look forward to seeing how Australia Post delivers for its customers in the years to come.

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