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Cost Management

6 simple ways to avoid cloud spending stress

April 27, 2023
Jenny Brown

Developer Relations Engineer

If you took one look at the title of this blog and thought, “just show me how, because I already know a million reasons why I’m stressed about billing things” then check out the interactive tutorial right here.

For everyone else, read on, because we’ll walk through some common sense tips, and a few step-by-step tutorials for all things billing related. If you’ve ever wished you could sit down with someone from Google Cloud, and walk through your bill, the console, and your options -- you’re in the right place! Consider this Cloud Billing 101 - an intro level course that’ll get you started on the right foot.

6 simple tips to manage your Google Cloud billing accounts:

  1. Get to know your billing statement and console: Knowledge is power, after all. Take a tour of the billing console so you can better understand your options, along with what's included in your monthly bill and the different components.

  2. Set up authorized users, alerts and budgets: Make sure anyone who needs to have access to payment settings is authorized. Allocate budgets for projects, and get notifications when your usage or spending exceeds a certain amount so you can take action as needed.

  3. Use cost-saving tools: We’ve got  a range of tools and services to help you save money, like Committed Use Discounts, and even Recommenders for actionable, AI-powered intelligent recommendations around your cost trends and product usage.

  4. Optimize your resources: Use the Google Cloud Resource Manager to see how your resources are being used and identify areas for optimization, temporarily suspend, or even shut down unused projects

  5. Review your billing history with reporting and data visualization: Regularly check your billing history with reports to help track your spending, identify any trends or patterns, and even anticipate future costs. You can even export your data to BigQuery for detailed analysis, or use a tool like Google Data Studio to visualize your data.

  6. Use the pricing calculator: Estimate your monthly costs and make informed decisions with the Google Cloud pricing calculator. It can help you get a ballpark figure for your usage, and determine if your use case fits within cost-free parameters.

I hope these common sense pointers and tutorials empower you to effectively manage your Google Cloud billing and stay on top of your spending. Get started right now by managing your billing methods and payment settings in this 5-minute tutorial, and then take a tour of the billing console to get familiar with your setup.

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