How Anthos convinced this Google Cloud Certified Fellow that the future is multicloud


David “Mac” McDaniel, Qwinix’s Director of Cloud Professional Services and a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, has always had his finger on the pulse of the cloud evolution. With more than 30 years in the tech industry, Mac knew the power of cloud would transform nearly every area of business. Cloud’s ability to lower costs, reimagine how products are brought to market, and empower technologists was clear to Mac. However, that sentiment didn’t extend to multicloud technology at first.

“I was skeptical at first that hybrid and multicloud technology was just additional cost but it later made me a cloud convert,” Mac recalled. “The cloud world has evolved from a ‘put it all in one place’ mentality to providing what’s best for customers with hybrid and multicloud technology. The focus is now providing the best service for the value, which is what actually matters to businesses.” 

Anthos is a modern application platform that provides enterprises a consistent development and operations experience across hybrid and multicloud environments. Mac has already seen how the platform has enabled his enterprise clients to modernize their existing applications, build new ones, and securely run them anywhere.

One of the biggest transformations Mac saw in terms of Anthos revolutionizing how they worked was with one of their clients that was a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. 

The pharmaceutical company has highly regulated workloads and many legacy applications, which meant they didn’t want to migrate these regulated workloads to the cloud because of the impact it would have on the applications. Every change to an application must go through rigorous, expensive validation and verification. 

With Mac’s guidance, the organization was able to jumpstart their Anthos journey. Qwinix installed Anthos to reduce the operational cost of maintaining legacy applications and operating those systems. The next phase of their journey will include using Migrate for Anthos to containerize workloads and deploy them on the Anthos on-prem solution. This has reduced the likelihood of the company having to change the application.

“Anthos has such universal applicability and is a game-changing product,” Mac said. “I’m also really excited to see the new functionalities being added like hybrid AI capabilities for Anthos.” 

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