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Introducing Cloud Run Button: Click-to-deploy your git repos to Google Cloud

August 21, 2019
James Ward

Developer Advocate

Ahmet Alp Balkan

Senior Developer Advocate

As developers, we love that Cloud Run allows you to deploy containerized serverless applications without having to worry about operations, scalability and security. You can package your app in a container, deploy to Cloud Run, and get a fully managed HTTPS endpoint.

Today, we are introducing the Cloud Run Button, an image and link you can add to the README of your source code repositories to allow others to deploy your application to Google Cloud Platform using Cloud Run. Check out a demo:


Cloud Run Button works with any repository that has a Dockerfile, or that can be built using Cloud Native Buildpacks. When you click the Cloud Run Button to deploy an application, it packages the application source code as a container image, pushes it to Google Container Registry, and deploys it on Cloud Run.

For example, you can deploy our cloud-run-hello sample application (which has a Dockerfile) to Cloud Run on your GCP project by clicking this button:


Once deployed, this application is hosted in your GCP project, and with Cloud Run's pay-per-use model, you are only charged when the application handles requests.

You can also make your Git repositories easily deployable to Cloud Run by following the instructions on the Cloud Run Button repository. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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