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Cloud Scheduler: Now available across 23 GCP Regions

February 11, 2022
Daniel Joseph

Product Manager

Reliably executing tasks on a schedule is critical for everything from data engineering, to infrastructure management, and application maintenance. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Google Cloud Scheduler, our enterprise-grade scheduling service, is now available in more GCP regions and multiple regions can now be used from a single project removing the prior limit of a single region per project.

With many enterprise customers deploying complex distributed cloud systems, Cloud Scheduler has helped solve the problem of single-server cron scheduling being a single point of failure. With this update you are now able to create Scheduler jobs across distinct cloud regions that can help satisfy cross-regional availability and fail-over scenarios. 

Furthermore, you are no longer required to create an AppEngine application in order to use Cloud Scheduler. For existing Cloud Scheduler jobs, it is safe to disable the AppEngine application within the project. Jobs will continue to function without an AppEngine application. 

Creating jobs in different regions is easy. You simply pick the location where you would like your job to run. For example you can specify a location when creating a job through the gcloud command line :

HTTP Targets


Pub/Sub Topics


AppEngine Services


Or you can pick a location when creating a job through the Cloud Console:


Google Cloud Scheduler is now available in 23 GCP Regions,  and this number is expected to grow in the future. You can always find an up-to-date list of available regions by running:


We hope you are as excited about this launch as we are. Please reach out to us with any suggestions or questions in our public issue tracker.

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