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Improve enterprise IT procurement with Private Catalog, now in beta

April 16, 2019
Quan To

Product Manager

With the sheer number of applications in today’s enterprises, it can be hard for procurement departments and cloud administrators to maintain compliant and efficient procurement processes for their cloud development teams. Last week at Next we introduced you to Private Catalog, a new service from Google Cloud that lets you control the availability and distribution of IT solutions to maintain compliance and governance, simplify internal solution discovery, and ensure that only approved and compatible apps are available throughout your organization. Here’s a bit more color.

Stay compliant, control access
Private Catalog helps you reduce complexity in regulated industries, or when handling sensitive data. Controlling which apps your developers use can help you avoid costly data loss, data leaks, or reliability issues from unverified code. You can ensure that only products that meet your compliance and governance rules are published to your catalog and available to your developer teams. For additional control, you can create hierarchies complete with access controls in the catalog, limiting who can deploy what within your organization.

Create a collaborative environment
Centralizing your apps is not only good for compliance, it’s good for productivity. Distributed workforces often create technology silos, introducing redundancies across your teams. Private Catalog simplifies how users find sanctioned applications—they simply navigate to a single place to find all the approved internal apps available to them. And when central IT teams create a new solution, Private Catalog makes it easy to distribute it to the whole organization.

Less failures, more efficiency
Failing to control how you deploy internal apps leads to inefficient resource usage and more support tickets. With Private Catalog, you can control how you distribute your software according to parameters in Cloud Deployment Manager templates, including regions, RAM, CPUs, and almost any other value. When you control the parameters, you ensure that apps have the correct amount of resources, in approved configurations.


Management and reporting capabilities
Private Catalog includes robust management, integration, and reporting capabilities. With the APIs available today, you can delete catalogs, hierarchies, and individual solutions that are no longer relevant for your teams. You can also customize the user interface, and integrate your Private Catalog solutions with your other enterprise service catalogs. To report on identity and access management, simply query which solutions users have access to within each organization’s hierarchy and catalog.

Internal apps don’t have to be a source of compliance, support, and communication issues. With Private Catalog, you put controls in place that let your developers access the tools they need safely and efficiently. For more information, visit the Private Catalog homepage.

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