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Here to serve Korea’s businesses with a new GCP region in Seoul

February 18, 2020
Julia Broodney

Product Manager

Rick Harshman

Managing Director, Asia Pacific

한국어 버전

South Korea is a digital powerhouse—a manufacturing giant with an emphasis on robotics and AI, a massive gaming market, and a leader in smartphone penetration. To better help our customers deliver digital services closer to this engaged market, we’re happy to announce that our new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Seoul is officially open for business.

Designed to support Korean customers, the Seoul region is our first GCP region in South Korea and eighth in Asia Pacific. With this region, Google Cloud now offers 21 regions and 64 zones across 16 countries worldwide.

A cloud made for Korea

The launch of our new Seoul region (asia-northeast3) brings lower latency access to data and applications for both local and global companies doing business in South Korea. The new Seoul region is comprised of three zones from the start, enabling Google Cloud customers and partners to run high availability workloads and store their data locally.


The Seoul region launches with our standard set of services, including Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Bigtable, Spanner, and BigQuery. Hybrid cloud customers can seamlessly integrate new and existing deployments with help from our regional partner ecosystem, and via multiple Dedicated Interconnect locations.

Visit our cloud locations page for a complete list of services available in the Seoul region.

What customers and partners are saying

The presence of the new Seoul region lets new and existing customers in South Korea leverage advanced Google Cloud technologies to drive innovation.


“Google Cloud’s flexibility and extensibility help us provide various services more reliably and economically. And now with Seoul as a region, we can have an even bigger impact.” – Soobaek Jang, VP, AI Server Development,  Samsung Electronics


“As South Korea’s largest gaming company, we're partnering with Google Cloud for game development, infrastructure management, and to infuse our operations with business intelligence. Google Cloud’s region in Seoul reinforces its commitment to the region and we welcome the opportunities this initiative offers our business.” – Chang-Whan Sul, CTO, Netmarble


“SK Telecom uses Google Cloud to establish a data pipeline to support data processing and modeling, and unlock the potential of AI and machine learning. We look forward to exploring the opportunities presented by the new region in Seoul.” – Yoo-sun Jeong, Head of AI Product Engineering, SK Telecom


“We're providing unmanned consultation service in 53 contact centers worldwide using Dialogflow on Google Cloud, reducing consultation time per case and increasing customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with Google Cloud further with the opening of the Seoul region.” – Hyekyung Pak, Principal, CS Information Strategy Team, LG Electronics


“We use Google Cloud AI and analytics to reduce dropout rates and increase advertising exposure for our flagship mobile puzzle game Anipang. The Google Cloud region in Seoul will provide new opportunities for developers in Korea to create and monetize games while supporting rapid growth in users.” – Changmyoung Lee, CTO, SundayToz


“At Bespin Global, we hold 100+ Google Cloud certifications in Korea and China and are the first Asia-Pacific-headquartered partner to achieve the status of Premier Partner and Managed Services Provider with Google Cloud. This means the number of customers successfully introduced to Google Cloud through Bespin Global and the number of future customers that want to be introduced to Google Cloud have both increased. We expect even more activity with the launch of the Google Cloud Seoul region.”  – Hanjoo Lee, Co-founder and CEO, Bespin Global

What’s next

2020 will be a tremendous year for Google Cloud as we continue to expand our global infrastructure. Visit our Seoul region page for more details about the region, and our cloud locations page for updates on the availability of additional services and regions. Then, stay tuned as we launch more zones and regions throughout the year, including locations in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Jakarta.

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