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Join the latest Google Cloud Security Talks on the intersection of AI and cybersecurity

June 12, 2024
Ruchika Mishra

Product Marketing, Google Cloud Security

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As AI continues to change the way we work, security professionals are thinking about how to apply generative AI to help them in their jobs, and how to safeguard the AI systems their organizations are beginning to use. They’re also envisioning new ways to use threat intelligence, sharpen their risk assessments, and increase visibility into threats and risks across their operations. 

We’re bringing together experts from Google Cloud and the broader Google security community on June 26 to share insights, best practices, and actionable strategies to strengthen your security posture.  

The one-day virtual gathering kicks off with a keynote session by Brian Roddy, vice president, Google Cloud Security Engineering. He’ll discuss the latest product updates from Google Security Operations, Google Threat Intelligence, Security Command Center, and Google Workspace Security, and review our vision for how AI and security can interact.

Here’s a quick peek at the other sessions on our agenda:

Securing the Future: The intersection of AI and cybersecurity: In this session, we will unpack our product vision for AI-powered security, and share how we are equipping defenders with strategies and services to secure AI data, models, applications, and infrastructure.


  • Steph Hay, senior director, Gemini Product and UX, Google Cloud Security

  • Umesh Shankar, chief technologist and distinguished engineer, Google Cloud Security

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Gemini in Security Operations: Join this session to get practical tips from Google Security Operations experts on how to use AI to help teams create queries, assist in investigations, generate detections, summarize large amounts of data, and build playbooks. We’ll give you a tour of where you’ll find AI capabilities in the product, how best to use them, and which use cases work best.


  • Greg Kushmerek, global security architect, Google Cloud Security

Actionable Threat Intelligence at Google scale: Google Threat Intelligence brings together the frontline expertise of Mandiant, the VirusTotal intelligence community, and Google threat insights. This session will provide a panoramic view of the threat landscape, understand the "why" and "how" behind attacks, and help you understand how to turn insights into rapid action.


  • T.J. Alldridge, product marketing manager, Google Threat Intelligence

Breakthroughs in building a risk-centric strategy for cloud security: Today’s fragmented and static approach to managing cloud risks can make it hard to prioritize security issues. What if you could count the issues that matter on just one hand? Join this session to learn about our advanced Virtual Red Team capability that helps pinpoint where and how cloud defenses could be compromised to expose high-value resources. 


  • Nav Jagpal, principal engineer, Google Cloud Security

  • Joakim Nydren, product manager, Security Command Center

The Secure Enterprise Browser: Your Endpoint's Best Defense: The modern workplace relies on web-based applications and cloud services, making browsers and their sensitive data a primary target for attackers. In this session, we’ll explore the strategic advantages of integrating security directly into the browser with Chrome Enterprise, and how secure enterprise browsing can help  simplify and strengthen your endpoint security. 


  • Tanisha Rai, product manager, Google Cloud Security

We look forward to sharing our latest security insights and solutions with you. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and equip yourself with the tools needed to stay ahead of emerging threats. Sign up now to reserve your virtual seat. Security Talks is 100% digital and free to attend.

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