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Google + Mandiant: Transforming Security Operations and Incident Response

September 12, 2022
Thomas Kurian

CEO, Google Cloud

Over the past two decades, Google has innovated to build some of the largest and most secure computing systems in the world. This scale requires us to deliver pioneering approaches to cloud security, which we pass on to our Google Cloud customers. We are committed to solving hard security problems like only Google can, as the tip of the spear of innovation and threat intelligence.

Today we’re excited to share the next step in this journey with the completion of our acquisition of Mandiant, a leader in dynamic cyber defense, threat intelligence and incident response services. Mandiant shares our cybersecurity vision and will join Google Cloud to help organizations improve their threat, incident and exposure management.

Combining Google Cloud’s existing security portfolio with Mandiant’s leading cyber threat intelligence will allow us to deliver a security operations suite to help enterprises globally stay protected at every stage of the security lifecycle. With the scale of Google’s data processing, novel analytics approaches with AI and machine learning, and a focus on eliminating entire classes of threats, Google Cloud and Mandiant will help organizations reinvent security to meet the requirements of our rapidly changing world.

We will retain the Mandiant brand and continue Mandiant’s mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness.


Context and threat intelligence from the frontlines

Our goal is to democratize security operations with access to the best threat intelligence and built-in threat detections and responses. Ultimately, we hope to shift the industry to a more proactive approach focused on modernizing Security Operations workflows, personnel, and underlying technologies to achieve an autonomic state of existence – where threat management functions can scale as customers’ needs change and as threats evolve.

Today Google Cloud security customers use our cloud infrastructure to ingest, analyze and retain all their security telemetry across multicloud and on-premise environments. By leveraging our sub-second search across petabytes of information combined with security orchestration, automation and response capabilities, our customers can spend more time defending their organizations. 

The addition of Mandiant Threat Intelligence—which is compiled by their team of security and intelligence individuals spread across 22 countries, who serve customers located in 80 countries—will give security practitioners greater visibility and expertise from the frontlines. Mandiant’s experience detecting and responding to sophisticated cyber threat actors will offer Google Cloud customers actionable insights into the threats that matter to their businesses right now. We will continue to share groundbreaking Mandiant threat research to help support organizations, even for those who don’t run on Google Cloud.


Advancing shared fate for security operations

Google Cloud operates in a shared fate model, taking an active stake in the security posture of our customers. For security operations that means helping organizations find and validate potential security issues before they become an incident. 

Detecting, investigating and responding to threats is only part of better cyber risk management. It’s also crucial to understand what an organization looks like from an attacker's perspective and if an organization's cybersecurity controls are as effective as expected. 

By adding Mandiant’s attack surface management capabilities to Google Cloud’s portfolio, organizations will be able to continually monitor assets for exposures, enabling intelligence and red teams to move security programs from reactive to proactive to understand what’s vulnerable, misconfigured and exposed. 

Once an organization’s attack surface is understood, validating existing security controls is critical. With Mandiant Security Validation, organizations will be able to continuously validate and measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity controls across cloud and on-premise environments.


Transforming security operations and incident response 

Security leaders and their teams often lack the resources and expertise required to keep pace with today’s ever changing threats. Organizations already harness Google’s security tools, expert advice and rich partner ecosystem to evolve their security program. Google’s Autonomic Security Operations also serves as a prescriptive solution to guide our customers through this modernization journey. 

With the addition of Mandiant to the Google Cloud family, we can now offer proven global expertise in comprehensive incident response, strategic readiness and technical assurance to help organizations mitigate threats and reduce business risk before, during and after an incident.

In addition, Google Cloud’s security operations suite will continue to provide a central point of intelligence, analysis and operations across on-premise environments, Google Cloud and other cloud providers. Google Cloud is also deeply committed to supporting our technology and solution partners, and this acquisition will enable system integrators, resellers and managed security service providers to offer broader solutions to customers.

Comments on the news

“The power of stronger partnerships across the cybersecurity ecosystem is critical to driving value for clients and protecting industries around the globe. The combination of Google Cloud and Mandiant and their commitment to multicloud will further support increased collaboration, driving innovation across the cybersecurity industry and augmenting threat research capabilities. We look forward to working with them on this mission.” - Paolo Dal Cin, Global Lead, Accenture Security

“Google's acquisition of Mandiant, a leader in security advisory, consulting and incident response services will allow Google Cloud to deliver an end-to-end security operations suite with even greater capabilities and services to support customers in their security transformation across cloud and on-premise environments." - Craig Robinson, Research VP, Security Services, IDC 

“Bringing together Mandiant and Google Cloud, two long-time cybersecurity leaders, will advance how companies identify and defend against threats. We look forward to the impact of this acquisition, both for the security industry and the protection of our customers.” - Andy Schworer, Director, Cyber Defense Engineering, Uber

We welcome Mandiant to the Google Cloud team, and together we look forward to helping security teams achieve so much more in defense of their organizations. You can read our release and Kevin Mandia’s blog for more on this exciting news.

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