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What you can learn in our Q3 2020 Google Cloud Security Talks

September 16, 2020
Sam Lugani

Group Product Manager, Google

Rob Sadowski

Trust & Security Lead, Google Cloud

Cloud deployments and technologies have become an even more central part of organizations’ security program in today’s new normal. As you continue to evolve your strategies and operations, it’s vital to understand the resources at your disposal to protect your users, applications, and data. To help you navigate the latest thinking in cloud security, we hope you’ll join us for the latest installment of our Google Cloud Security Talks, a live online event on September 23rd. 

We’ll share expert insights into our security ecosystem and cover the following topics

  • Sunil Potti and Rob Sadowski will open the digital event with our latest security announcements.

  • Ansh Patnaik and Svetla Yankova will do a deep dive into threat detection and investigation with Chronicle, followed by a panel discussion with Matthew Svensson from BetterCloud, Ryan Ogden from Groupon and Sean Doyle from Paradigm Quest.

  • Anoosh Saboori and Anton Chuvakin will talk about our new Certificate Authority Service (CAS) that automates the management and deployment of private CAs while meeting the needs of modern developers and applications.

  • Nelly Porter will discuss our two new products in the area of Confidential Computing:  Confidential VMs and Confidential GKE Nodes

  • We’ll look at security solutions such as Cloud Armor and reCAPTCHA Enterprise which can be deployed to protect online applications, preventing denial of service and stopping bots, fraud, and malware, with Cy Khormaee and Emil Kiner. 

  • You’ll get a walkthrough of our latest security best practices for Meet, Chat and Gmail with G Suite security experts Brad Meador and Vidya Nagarajan Raman.

  • Finally, Sam Lugani will host the Google Cloud Security Showcase, a special segment where we’ll focus on security use cases. We’ll pick a few security problems and show how we’ve helped customers solve them using the tools and products that Google Cloud provides. 

We look forward to sharing our latest security insights and solutions with you. Sign-up now to reserve your virtual seat.

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