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Google Cloud and FS-ISAC team up to advance financial services security

March 16, 2023
David Stone

Solutions Consultant, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

Etienne De Burgh

Senior Security & Compliance Specialist, Office of the CISO, Google Cloud

Google Cloud is committed to strengthening the security and resiliency of financial services organizations and making the Internet a safer place for all organizations to conduct transactions and business. While building a secure and resilient ecosystem is a joint responsibility, we want to ensure that we’re working together to build a community of trust.

To advance this mission and strengthen our commitment to the financial sector, Google Cloud is announcing today that we have joined the Financial Services Information Security and Analysis Center’s Critical Providers Program. While Google Cloud has been a long-standing supporter of FS-ISAC, as have our colleagues at Mandiant, we are the first and only major cloud provider to join FS-ISAC’s Critical Providers Program.

As a Critical Provider, Google Cloud will bring experts and resources – including unique insights from our Threat Horizon reports – to partner with the financial services community and its leadership. Googlers will work with defenders and leaders in the global financial services sector, sharing knowledge we’ve learned building and deploying secure technology at Google.

We’ll also offer services from our Google Cybersecurity Action Team, which is composed of former industry CISOs and global leaders that understand the complex financial ecosystems and the challenges that the industry faces. This makes us uniquely positioned to support these financial services organizations through their most challenging problems – because we’ve been there. 

“This partnership is a crucial step in the development of the Critical Providers Program and forging deeper relationships between financial services institutions and the critical providers of network infrastructure and security,” said Steve Silberstein, CEO, FS-ISAC. “Our partnership will enhance overall resilience and strengthen the security of the financial sector’s supply chain through access to Google’s unique perspective and expertise, as well as timely threat intelligence to help anticipate, defend, and respond to cyber incidents.

In August 2021, Google announced its commitment to invest at least $10 billion over the next 5 years to advance cybersecurity. This announcement advances our commitment to support the security and digital transformation of high-risk sectors through community partnerships and other means.

“We take our responsibility as one of the world’s largest tech providers very seriously – and working with organizations like FS-ISAC and those on the forefront of building communities and protecting societies is a critical component of this,” said Phil Venables, CISO, Google Cloud. “Cybersecurity and resilience are a team sport. In joining FS-ISAC in this capacity, we are proud to be on a team working to protect an essential part of society.” 

At Google Cloud, we adhere to a shared fate model, in which we are active partners with our customers in their security journey. This partnership between Google Cloud and FS-ISAC is part of the solution to achieve better security for the broader technology ecosystem. We look forward to expanding our partnerships and working closely with industry partners like FS-ISAC to help build more resiliency and safety in the financial services sector.

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