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How the year’s final Google Cloud Security Talks will ready you for security and cloud success in 2023

November 17, 2022
Dan Kaplan

Content Marketing, Google Cloud Security

As we help our customers evolve their security approaches for the cloud era, two key objectives based on Google’s experience defending our own infrastructure and systems, emerge: trust nothing and detect everything. These can seem like daunting tasks for even the most capable security teams, especially in today’s challenging threat environment.

But next month, our experts will show you how, with modern approaches and actionable threat intelligence by your side, you can meaningfully strengthen your security posture and increase your resilience to today’s risks and threats.

As you look to secure what matters most in 2023, join us Dec. 7 for our quarterly Security Talks, where you’ll discover guidance on how to advance your prevention, detection, and response capabilities through automation, get an advance look at our latest threat research, and learn how and why Zero Trust should be the foundation for your data protection strategy. You’ll also hear how you can leverage tools you already use today, such as Chrome, to protect your workforce. 

For even more on advances in Chrome security, we encourage you to also check out the Chrome Insider event on Dec. 8.

Another reason to register for Security Talks? This series of digital sessions, created by security practitioners for security practitioners, will kick off with an impactful session by Malcolm “MK” Palmore, director at our Office of the CISO, on the importance of diverse workforces and how they can significantly improve problem solving and overall security performance. Here is the remainder of the agenda, which includes a talk from the Mandiant team, which we recently welcomed to the Google Cloud family: 

  • Building an advanced detection program for the modern SOC

  • Controlling access to cloud services in a Zero Trust world

  • Zero Trust with zero agents: Why Secure Enterprise Browsing should be the foundation of your Zero Trust and data protection strategy

  • Mandiant Tales from the Front Lines: Activate cyber defenses against supply chain compromise

  • New Google Cloud Firewall: Big updates you’ll want to hear

  • Learn how to fight mobile fraud with reCAPTCHA Enterprise

  • Securing modern apps in Google Cloud

  • How to collaborate and deploy secure code without trust 

We look forward to sharing our latest security insights and solutions with you. Sign up now to reserve your virtual seat. Security Talks is 100% digital and free to attend. All sessions will be available on demand after they air.

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