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Evolving our data processing commitments for Google Cloud and Workspace

September 20, 2022
Marc Crandall

Director and Global Head of Privacy, Google Cloud

At Google, we are constantly looking to improve our products, services, and contracts so that we can better serve our customers. To this end, we are pleased to announce that we have updated and merged our data processing terms for Google Cloud, Google Workspace (including Workspace for Education), and Cloud Identity (when purchased separately) into one combined Cloud Data Processing Addendum (the “CDPA”).

The CDPA maintains the benefits of the previously separate Data Processing and Security Terms for Google Cloud customers and Data Processing Amendment for Google Workspace and Cloud Identity customers, while streamlining and strengthening Google’s data processing commitments. A corresponding new CDPA (Partners) offers equivalent commitments to Google Cloud partners.  

As part of this update, we have also incorporated the new international data transfer addendum issued by the U.K. Information Commissioner (“U.K. Addendum”). The U.K. Addendum allows the EU Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCCs”) to be used for transfers of personal data under the U.K. GDPR, replacing the separate U.K. SCCs that previously formed part of our terms. For an overview of the European legal rules for data transfers and our approach to implementing the EU SCCs and U.K. Addendum, please see our updated whitepaper. You can view our SCCs here.

While our data processing terms have been renamed, consolidated, and updated, our  commitment to protecting the data of all Google Cloud, Workspace and Cloud Identity customers and all Google Cloud partners, and to enabling their compliance with data transfer and other regulatory requirements, remains unchanged.

For more information about our privacy commitments for Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and Cloud Identity, please see our Privacy Resource Center.

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