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Last chance to present at NEXT: Call for speakers closing

January 13, 2016
Julia Ferraioli

Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

We recently announced our global user conference in March, GCP NEXT 2016. This will be the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community, where you can meet with developers like you who are using Google Cloud Platform to build amazing applications. You’ll be able to explore the latest cloud technologies, get hands-on with our platform and learn directly from those who built it.

We’d love for you to tell us your story at NEXT. Submit a proposal to our call for speakers by January 15, 2016 at 11:59pm PST and share your Google Cloud Platform project and experiences. Submissions should align to one of our four technical track topics:

  • Data and Analytics: Learn how Google Cloud Platform can help you build more intelligent applications and make better, more timely decisions.
  • Infrastructure and Operations: See how Google’s infrastructure — including our networks, storage, security, data center operations and DevOps tools — gives you scale, security and reliability.
  • App and Services Development: Understand how different components of Google Cloud Platform can work together to help you develop and deploy powerful apps.
  • Solutions Showcase: Learn how our customers and other developers are using Google Cloud Platform in production.

And for those of you who’d rather sit back and learn from other developers, we look forward to seeing you there, too. Register today and get our early bird rate.

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