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5 big things you can do at Google Data Cloud & AI Summit this week

March 27, 2023
Ashish Chopra

Cloud-native Databases Product Marketing Lead

Data is at the heart of digital transformation and organizations are looking to find new opportunities to transform customer experiences, boost revenue, and reduce costs. In a new study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services for Google Cloud, 91% percent of leaders say that democratizing access to data is imperative to business success, and 76% say democratized access to artificial intelligence (AI) is critical. Recent advancements in AI have companies building their generative AI strategy — including how to build generative AI applications to drive business value, customize foundation models to meet their needs, and help ensure control over their data privacy. 

Join us at the Google Data Cloud & AI Summit ( Mar 29 Americas, Mar 30 EMEA) to reveal opportunities to transform your business. You’ll gain expert insights and learn about the latest innovations in Google Data Cloud for AI, databases, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Here are five big things you can do at the digital event.

#1: Get inspired with opening keynotes

June Yang and Lisa O’Malley will kick off the summit with a keynote session on what’s new in generative AI from Google Cloud. You will learn about the latest trends in AI and get a closer look at our recent announcements such as Generative AI App Builder and Generative AI support on Vertex AI. The keynote will showcase real-world use cases and you will get to see these new products in action with demos. Gerrit Kazmaier and Andi Gutmans will deliver the second keynote session on the latest innovations in Google Data Cloud and how you can use data and AI to reveal the next era of innovation and efficiency.

#2: Catch the latest announcements

Get the scoop on Google Cloud’s vision for a unified, open, intelligent data cloud. You’ll also be one of the first to learn the newest innovations across products like BigQuery, AlloyDB, Looker, and Vertex AI. 

#3: Go deeper with top experts in data and AI

After the keynotes, drill deep on topics that matter to you with fourteen breakout sessions across two tracks — AI Innovation and Data Essentials. The AI Innovation track will feature topics such as how to build generative AI apps in minutes, build, customize and deploy foundation models in Vertex AI, and activate your data with AI. The Data Essentials track will cover topics such as what’s new in databases, BigQuery, and Looker, and how to bring cross-cloud analytics to your data with a unified analytics lakehouse.  

#4: Get insights from customers, industry experts and partners

You will hear from customers across the globe who are solving complex data challenges with Google Cloud, including Dun & Bradstreet, Booking.com, Orange, ShareChat, Oakbrook Finance, Richemont and CI&T. 

Bruno Aziza will also host a Q&A with Baris Gul, Director of Engineering and Warren Qi, Engineering Manager at Booking.com about how they’re unlocking new potential to accelerate development cycle, reducing time to market from months to weeks. Ritika Gunnar and Azitabh Ajit, Director of Engineering, Data & Tech Platform, ShareChat will share how organizations can build data-rich applications faster and enable innovation. 

Yasmeen Ahmad will discuss with Sanjeev Mohan, Founder at SanjMo & Former VP at Gartner, various cost-saving strategies and how to use the intelligent financial-operation capabilities of Google Data Cloud products to control, plan, forecast, and optimize data analytics and AI costs effectively.

You’ll also learn how you can innovate faster and accelerate digital transformation with solutions from partners such as SAP, Databricks, Tabnine, and MongoDB.

#5: See it in action through demos

Throughout the Summit experience, there’ll be many opportunities for hands-on learning. Jason Davenport and Gabe Weiss will walk through an end-to-end demo of how the latest innovations in the Data Cloud come together to improve the customer experience for an online boutique application, including code examples. This demo will show how these new capabilities are used and provide developers a reference to go play with the demo on their own. 

In addition, you’ll find exciting interactive demos, videos, hands-on labs, and learning paths on the Summit website to build your skills and continue your data and AI journey after attending the sessions. 

We are excited to share what we’ve been working on. Save your spot today by registering on the Data Cloud & AI Summit homepage (Mar 29 Americas, Mar 30 EMEA). We hope to see you there.

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