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New report examines the economic value of Cloud Dataproc’s managed Spark and Hadoop solution

November 16, 2018
James Malone

Product Manager, Google Cloud

Businesses are increasingly embracing Cloud Dataproc—Google Cloud’s fully-managed service for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop—as a faster, easier, and more cost effective way to run data analytics in the cloud. A new report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) shows that analysts concur with these findings.

ESG recently published a blog and an Economic Value Validation (EVV) report commissioned by Google, which examines the value delivered by Cloud Dataproc. According to Mike Leone, senior analyst with ESG, comparing an on-premises Hadoop and Spark environment against hosting the same infrastructure in Cloud Dataproc “highlighted a 57 percent cost savings when leveraging Google Cloud Dataproc compared to an on-premises environment, and a 32 percent cost savings compared to Amazon EMR.”

In addition to the cost advantages of Dataproc, ESG found that Dataproc users benefited from increased business agility, helping them unlock value from their data to better serve existing customers and open new revenue streams. ESG also found that the administration of the Dataproc environment was easier, faster, and more effective than on-premises or cloud alternatives.

To learn more, read the report, try a quickstart, or reach out to us to try out Cloud Dataproc for your Hadoop and Spark needs.

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