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6 must-see sessions on the Internet of Things (IoT) at Next ‘18

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings the impact of cloud computing to a variety of remote devices. This year we’re offering 18 IoT-oriented sessions on topics ranging from building a better asset tracking system to deploying a predictive maintenance solution using Google Cloud Platform. If you’re joining us at Next, here are 6 IoT sessions you don’t want to miss. Be sure to register, to ensure you reserve your spot.

Spotlight: Intelligent Internet of Things: Google Cloud's IoT Vision
The Office of the CTO’s Technical Director Jennifer Bennett and IoT Product Management Lead Antony Passemard will collaboratively present an outlook on intelligent Google Cloud IoT platform and how it unlocks business insights. Though devices today can be connected to a network, building and managing such networks securely while extracting data for analysis can be complicated and time-consuming. Learn how Google Cloud’s IoT platform accelerates digital transformation by helping you manage your globally dispersed devices, and enabling you to uncover actionable insights in real time from your global device network.

Building IoT Applications on Google Cloud
Google Cloud IoT experts will demonstrate how to easily build an end-to-end IoT application on Google Cloud Platform. Come and see who's the coolest under pressure as our IoT experts build a device that measures heart rate and temperature. Then, learn how to send that data to the cloud for processing and visualizing using services like Cloud IoT Core, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, Firestore, Angular, and Sheets. We’ll talk through the questions you have, present some reasons to pick one architecture over another, and explain why we picked the products we did to build our application.

IoT Security: Solving the Primary Hurdle to IoT Deployments
Security is a significant challenge for most IoT deployments. We strongly believe companies can be well equipped to handle an IoT-originated denial-of-service attack. In this session you will learn how Google and Microchip have partnered to offer a seamless and highly secure solution for IoT devices connecting to Google Cloud IoT. We will show how to secure your cloud-connected embedded devices with Cloud IoT Core and a secure element from Microchip, along with tips on secure manufacturing and supply chain.

Predictive Maintenance Using Cloud IoT Core and Machine Learning
Due to the risks associated with unplanned breakdowns on a manufacturing line, many businesses ensure uptime by stopping the line at regular intervals to perform scheduled maintenance. But what if you could predict a failure before it occurs? In this session, you will learn about a machine learning-enabled predictive maintenance solution that leverages Cloud IoT Core to read sensor data and predict the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of components on a manufacturing line. Cloud Machine Learning Lead Prashant Dhingra and SpringML Vice President Piyush Malik will present an example of an end-to end-solution that securely reads sensor data in real time, processes that data, and executes a machine learning model to make component failure predictions, helping to eliminate the need for all-too-typical, expensive downtime.

IoT Track & Trace Solutions with Google Cloud IoT and Google Maps Platform
Monitoring the use and location of key assets like raw materials, construction equipment, or containers, and using sensor data to track and trace shipments in real time during manufacturing and throughout the transportation process, are common challenges that companies face on a daily basis. Discover how Google Cloud IoT, Google Maps Platform, WAN technologies such as LoRa and cellular come together seamlessly to create flexible and scalable IoT solutions to enable intelligent asset tracking and inventory management applications.

Salesforce and Google Cloud IoT Come Together to Provide a Better Customer Engagement Platform
Enterprises in industries like utilities and telecommunications are often looking for ways to provide the best possible quality of service. Many of our customers have opted to deploy an integrated IoT solution that connects remote device feedback with optimized field service truck routing. In this breakout session, we’ll present an integrated solution with Salesforce, the leading CRM and support cloud service, that offers end-to-end support for both an enterprise’s devices and its customers.

To learn more about these sessions and more, and to register, visit the Next ‘18 website. See you in San Francisco!