Committed use discounts at a glance: New report shows your Compute Engine usage and commitments

Cloud adoption is fueled by the promise of increased flexibility, lower costs, and simplified pricing. At Google Cloud, we deliver on this promise with innovations like committed use discounts, which offer deep discounts of up to 57% off on-demand prices on VM usage in exchange for a one- or three-year commitment. Today, to help you analyze your Compute Engine resource footprint alongside your commitments, we are pleased to announce the Committed Use Discount Analysis report in beta. With this report, you can visualize your commitments from directly within the Cloud Console to answer questions such as:  

  • How much are my committed use discounts saving me on my bill?
  • Am I fully utilizing my existing commitments?
  • How much of my eligible usage is covered by commitments?
  • Is there an opportunity to save more by increasing my commitments?

Over the last two years, we’ve seen rapid adoption of committed use discounts, and recently expanded support to include local SSDs, GPUs, and Cloud TPU Pods based on customer feedback. Now, with the Committed Use Discount Analysis report, you get even greater transparency into your usage and cost savings so that you can maximize your discounts and minimize the time spent managing your commitments.

Early adopters of the Committed Use Discount Analysis report are already seeing the benefits:

"With this tool, we better understand our historical usage of eligible compute resources and how that compares to our commitment levels. Our commitment utilization and coverage is automatically calculated, enabling us to know when to purchase more commitments so that we can maximize our discounts. This gives us a higher level of confidence in purchasing commitments, allowing our teams to invest more in the innovations that drive Etsy’s vision." - Dany Daya, Senior Program Manager, Etsy

Google Cloud is dedicated to providing you with cost management tools that make it easier to manage and optimize your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) costs. With this new feature and Cloud Billing reports, you can gain greater visibility into your costs and the impact of your discounts at a glance. You can start using the new Committed Use Discount Analysis report in the Cloud Console today.

Next steps

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