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6 HPC must-sees at Next ‘19

April 4, 2019
The Google Cloud HPC team

High performance computing (HPC) is all about scale and speed. And when you're backed by Google Cloud’s powerful and flexible infrastructure, you can solve problems faster, reduce queue times for large batch workloads, and relieve compute resource limitations.

At Google Cloud Next ‘19, we have lots of sessions to help you understand how to use our scalable compute, networking and storage infrastructure. If you’re attending the event, here are 6 HPC sessions to mark on your calendar.

1. High Performance Computing on Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Deploy an HPC Cluster Now - Register here
In this session, we'll discuss why GCP is a great platform to run HPC workloads. We'll present best practices, architectural patterns, and how our professional services organization can help you on your journey. We'll conclude by demoing the deployment of an autoscaling batch system in GCP.

2. HPC Partner Ecosystem  - Register here
Come learn about how our HPC partners focusing on job scheduling, workload management, applications, and libraries can enable you to start running HPC workloads easily and quickly on Google Cloud.

3. Technical Deep Dive Into Storage for High Performance Computing - Register here
Large-scale computing in the cloud is maturing, but HPC storage in the cloud is still in its infancy. In this session, we will discuss HPC storage in the cloud with solutions for EDA, fintech, manufacturing, media, genomics, and many more. Then, our HPC storage partner DataDirect Networks will discuss its Lustre parallel file system and other future offerings on Google Cloud.

4. How We Broke the World Record for Computing Digits of Pi (31.4 trillion!) - Register here
We calculated 31.4 trillion digits of Pi on Google Cloud—the new world record. This session will discuss the nature of the calculation, the architecture, challenges and techniques, benefits of Google Cloud, and of course the brief history of Pi computation. Along the way, you’ll learn a ton about large-scale cloud computing.

5. Performance Benchmarking on Google Cloud Platform - Register here
How do you benchmark performance in the cloud, and in particular on Google Compute Engine? We'll use PerfKitBenchmarker to take an early look at our new C2 instances and see how they stack up to our N1 series. We’ll also provide scripts so you can benchmark systems from the comfort of your own home!

6. University Students & Researchers Push the Bounds of What is Possible With GCP - Register here
Researchers, students and developers at universities around the world are asking what’s possible—and using GCP to find out. Come learn how Google Cloud is helping researchers make new discoveries and share their insights, be it mapping the cosmos, seeking solutions to the opioid crisis, building more accessible technology to help people communicate and more.

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of breakout sessions we’ll be holding next week. To learn more about the event, and secure your spot, check out Google Cloud Next ‘19 website. And if you can’t make it to the show, stay tuned, because we’ll be publishing full-length recordings of every session for your viewing pleasure.

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