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Prevent data loss with Chrome Enterprise and Symantec by Broadcom

October 17, 2023
Fletcher Oliver

Chrome Enterprise Customer Engineer

Prevent data loss with Chrome Enterprise and Symantec by Broadcom

With businesses increasingly relying on cloud-based applications and distributed workforces, data loss prevention (DLP) is fundamental in any organization’s secure enterprise browsing journey. According to IBM’s latest annual Cost of Data Breach report, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 has surged to USD 4.45 million, marking a 15% increase over the last three years. Beyond the financial impact, data breaches can also significantly damage a company's reputation and customer confidence due to perceived negligence in safeguarding sensitive information.

Symantec Endpoint DLP and Chrome Enterprise integration for data loss prevention

Keeping enterprise data safety at the forefront, we’re happy to share that the DLP integration between Chrome Enterprise and Symantec Endpoint DLP is now available and is now a part of the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program. This new integration enables your IT and security teams to establish and enforce policies that control how sensitive data is handled and shared within your browser environment, eliminating the need to manage DLP browser extensions and improving data compliance.

Whether you're managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), intellectual property, or financial data, this integration is designed to provide a more secure browsing experience, minimizing the risk of unintentional data leaks and strengthening compliance.

The integration between Chrome Enterprise and Symantec Endpoint DLP detects, monitors and protects sensitive data across various scenarios, including:

  • Uploading files containing sensitive data to Chrome via File Picker
  • Uploading files containing sensitive data in Chrome by dragging and dropping them into the page
  • Pasting sensitive data into web pages and applications
  • Printing sensitive data from websites and applications

Example of Symantec DLP warning pop-up window

Getting started

Getting started is easy. The first step is to set up Chrome’s cloud management tool for your organization and start enrolling browsers. This tool allows organizations to manage Chrome browsers from a single cloud-based admin console across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS at no additional cost. It is also the same console where IT teams can manage Chrome OS.

Once you have your browsers enrolled, you can then follow this setup guide or watch the setup video below.


Chrome Enterprise and Broadcom DLP integration setup video

Secure enterprise browsing with Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise is dedicated to helping businesses work more securely on the web, and DLP is only one aspect of the secure enterprise browsing journey we support. We work with leading security providers like Broadcom to deliver secure browsing solutions, enabling organizations to build best-of-breed technology stacks to meet their unique needs. Enterprises can count on Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner solutions to support their workforce, wherever they work.

Learn more about Chrome Enterprise security here.

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