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Establish device trust with Chrome Enterprise and Ping Identity

September 20, 2023
Kaleigh Rosenblat

Chrome Enterprise Senior Staff Software Engineer, Security Lead

Establish device trust with Chrome Enterprise and Ping Identity

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In today’s business landscape, it’s clear that the distributed workforce is the norm and is here to stay. As employees access company data and applications from different remote locations, safeguarding enterprise security becomes paramount. 

Chrome Enterprise is committed to security at its core, and our secure-by-design approach enables us to protect enterprise users as they work on the web. In the last few years, we have worked with different security solution providers to provide seamless integrations between their solutions and Chrome Enterprise. These integrations further improve safety features in addition to Chrome Enterprise’s built-in security, providing secure enterprise browsing for businesses.

Chrome Enterprise and Ping Identity for context-aware access control

Today, we’re proud to share that the Chrome Enterprise and Ping Identity Device Trust integration is now available to provide enterprises with context-aware access control to determine user access level based on the device security posture. By combining Ping's user context and risk signals with Chrome Enterprise's device signals, security teams can build enhanced policies to ensure users are requesting access from a managed browser, are given a step-up for multi-factor authentication (MFA), or denied access. The signals can also be used to trigger certain actions, such as forcing an update of the device or notifying the user about necessary steps to secure their endpoint.

Get the most out of your secure enterprise browser

Chrome Enterprise is investing heavily in integrations with partner solutions to help organizations maximize their security stack. For example, Chrome Enterprise enables a higher level of secure access evaluation with a seamless experience between Ping Identity and CrowdStrike.

If your organization also uses CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA), you can combine it with the Device Trust integration to enhance the authorization decisions with the Ping Identity platform. Chrome browser can collect the CrowdStrike Agent ID from managed devices and share it with Ping Identity. If the device score indicates that the device is high risk, Ping Identity will utilize the high risk score for dynamic access evaluation. This trilateral integration protects businesses by automatically blocking devices identified as high risk from accessing businesses applications and resources.

Getting started

Getting started with the integration is easy. The first step is to make sure that the devices used by your organization are enrolled in either Chrome's cloud management tool or in ChromeOS device management. With these tools, you can manage Chrome browser and/or ChromeOS from a single, cloud-based Admin console. Setting up is simple. Check out this guide for Chrome’s cloud management tool and see this guide on how to enroll ChromeOS devices.

Once you have your machines enrolled, you can then follow the setup guide or watch the setup video below:

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Chrome Enterprise is dedicated to helping businesses work more securely on the web. We continuously partner with leading security providers to deliver secure enterprise browsing solutions, enabling organizations to build best-of-breed technology stacks to meet their unique needs. Enterprises can count on Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner solutions to support their workforce, wherever they work.

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