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Bringing Google AI to businesses with Chromebook Plus

May 28, 2024
Bhuvnesh Singh

Product Manager, ChromeOS, Google

Enhance Team Productivity with Google AI and Chromebook Plus

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Chromebook Plus laptops are built to deliver powerful AI experiences at a better value

Last year, we introduced Chromebook Plus, a category of Chromebooks designed to offer up to 2x more processing power, memory and storage,1 along with software and AI capabilities that make handling advanced workloads a breeze.

Today, we are announcing the next set of Chromebook Plus laptops from Acer, along with new features powered by Google AI designed to help your teams improve productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Chromebook Plus devices powered by Intel Core Ultra processors elevate day-to-day workflows based on new and innovative AI capabilities. Collaborating with Google enables us to combine our strengths in AI to create more connected experiences and increase efficiency for smarter business outcomes.

Jennifer Larson, General Manager of Commercial Client Segment at Intel

Help me be more productive

Teams need tools that help them minimize their workload, not add to it. We’re introducing a set of features that empower users to work smarter and get work done more effectively:

  • Help me write for Chromebook Plus2 makes it easier to refine text on the web or in an app, whether managing a social account, finalizing a new blog, or updating web copy.
  • Google Task and Calendar integration gives you access to your to-do list across your devices with one click and helps you stay organized throughout the day.
  • Adaptive Charging predicts your device usage patterns, and helps preserve battery health by limiting the amount of time the device spends at 100% charge.

Later this year, look out for even more productivity features coming to Chromebook and Chromebook Plus:

  • You’ll now see a summary of previously open windows when logging back into your device, preventing you from losing your place when you sign back in and making it easy to jump back into your workflow.
  • Focus allows users to minimize distractions by setting dedicated time to focus on your tasks based on your to-do-list and calendar.
  • Help me read can summarize websites or PDF with a right click, and give you the power to ask followup questions about the content to gain deeper understanding.

Help me create and collaborate

Teams should be able to collaborate effectively, whether in person or remote. To support that collaboration, we’re launching new features to help enhance how you show up on calls, and allow you to put a personal touch on your devices.

  • Content creation features like Screencast make it easy to record, edit, and share content, automatically translated in up to 12 languages. Creating new global training programs, recording product demos, or rehearsing for a presentation? Screencast makes it easy. We’ve also enhanced our built-in screen capture tool to save screen recordings into GIF format for more animated presentations, demos, and more.
  • Noise cancellation and lighting allow any app that accesses the microphone or camera on a Chromebook Plus laptop to benefit from Google AI powered noise cancellation and lighting capabilities, when enabled.
  • Generative AI wallpapers and video call backgrounds allow for creative expression and a personal touch on enterprise devices. AI generated video call backgrounds help remote team members show up like pros when joining a meeting, across any application.

Later this year, we’ll be giving you even more tools to create and collaborate:

  • Get more out of your meetings with enhanced video call controls to customize your sound and picture directly from your Chromebook shelf.

AI extends beyond the OS with Gemini and Gemini for Google Workspace

While Chromebook Plus offers these features on the OS, it is also optimized for innovative web apps like Google Workspace and Gemini. Bringing these together, businesses can empower their workforce with Google apps designed to help users be productive, collaborative and creative.

  • Google Gemini offers chat to supercharge your ideas, write, learn, plan and more, and is pinned to your shelf on Chromebook Plus laptops for quick access.2
  • Gemini for Google Workspace is a premium offering that delivers industry-leading AI capabilities and experiences throughout Google Workspace, helping you research and answer questions, generate copy, images and more. Together with Chromebook Plus features, teams can benefit from AI whether they are working in Google Workspace, Chrome browser, or ChromeOS.

Help me manage devices

To simplify device management, we’re enhancing the Google Admin console with Device Hub. Device Hub centralizes fleet information for IT admins and provides notifications and recommendations based on potential issues, making fleet management more seamless. Later this year, we’ll be releasing additional features built directly into the Google Admin console, all available with ChromeOS device management.

Get ready to supercharge your team

Chromebook Plus gives teams more freedom to build, collaborate, and manage than ever before. We are releasing these AI features on a rolling basis as an automatic update, starting with M126 in June.

And while features may not be immediately available on managed devices as we continue to build out robust IT controls, businesses deploying Chromebook Plus have much to look forward to this year.

Visit our website to learn more about Chromebook Plus, and find the right device for your business.

1 When compared to top selling Chromebooks from July 2022 to Dec 2022.

2 Admins will be able to control these features remotely using Google Admin console in the coming months.

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