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Chrome Enterprise announces new partners and patient experiences to help improve healthcare services

February 11, 2019
Cyrus Mistry

Group Product Manager, Chrome Enterprise

Access to cloud technologies is revolutionizing every facet of healthcare, from employee operational improvements to personalized patient experiences. At the same time, IT departments are grappling with tighter budgets and increased security concerns.

Chrome Enterprise is addressing these challenges by opening up new opportunities for healthcare organizations to provide instant and secure information access to patients and caregivers. We’re working with healthcare customers, including Middlesex Hospital, UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, and Hunterdon Healthcare to empower their employees with secure and cost-effective endpoint solutions that can be deployed throughout their networks. This means everything from mobile workstations to patient devices, increasing information access, and reducing operational costs to ultimately help deliver a better patient experience.

To further this mission, today we’re announcing new partnerships with leading healthcare software and hardware providers, as well as a patient device solution that improves the patient experience while they’re receiving care.

New partnerships for better patient outcomes

  • Imprivata: Our partnership with Imprivata, a healthcare IT security company, enables Chrome devices to work seamlessly with Imprivata’s leading single sign-on and virtual desktop access platform for healthcare. This means healthcare organizations will be able to use Imprivata OneSign single sign-on for No Click Access to Chrome devices for a secure, mobile workstation solution. Healthcare providers simply tap a badge to access their workstation and get instant access to their virtual desktop environment. Plus, automatic sign-on to G Suite enables seamless access to productivity and collaboration tools. And with Chrome OS, organizations benefit from faster boot times and multiple layers of security. The Imprivata integration also securely provides patients with entertainment and education on Chrome OS devices without risking PHI exposure. Imprivata can be used with Citrix and VMware to deliver seamless, fast access to clinical systems.
  • Identity Automation: We’re expanding our functionality with Healthcast QuickAccess and ExactAccess badge sign-in to work with Healthcast’s new Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) features. This will enable healthcare providers to securely prescribe controlled substances electronically with the tap of a badge. Healthcast can also be used with Citrix and VMWare to deliver seamless, fast access to clinical systems.
  • Topaz Systems Inc.: We’re also working with Topaz Systems, Inc to integrate their  electronic signature pads and software with Chrome devices. This makes it easier for patients and doctors to communicate through paperless document creation, signing, and authentication of electronic records using digital handwritten signatures. Topaz signatures are legally-enforceable, and with more pads compatible in EHR and EMR systems than any other vendor, GemGuard antimicrobial technology, and millions of signature products deployed worldwide, Topaz serves the needs of global healthcare organizations by allowing them to focus on what’s most important—the patient.
  • Zebra: With the Zebra Scanner Software Development Kit (SDK) for Chrome, healthcare solution providers and in-house developers can now create Chrome apps that can interact with Zebra barcode scanners to do things like scanning wristbands, medication and records at the point of care. Chrome support allows developers to build one app that works in multiple operating systems, saving time and limiting costs while driving new solutions and creating value for patients. Additionally, with the extended ecosystem of Chrome and Savanna Data Services on Google Cloud Platform, Zebra and Google are providing the building blocks for developers to enhance new and existing applications with real-time data analytics.

Improving the patient experience with our patient device solution

Extended time spent in a clinic or healthcare facility can be challenging for some patients, and options that make the experience more convenient and comfortable can be helpful. To help improve the patient experience while they’re receiving care, healthcare providers can use portable Chromebook convertibles, tablets and clamshells to give patients access to information, entertainment applications or communications platforms through managed Google Play and the Chrome Browser. Chrome Enterprise’s encrypted cloud profiles make it easy for healthcare staff to manage devices without having to wipe or re-provision them.  

For more information on Chrome Enterprise for healthcare, visit our website. If you’ll be attending HIMSS 2019 from February 11-15, we’ll be demonstrating the functionality enabled by these partnerships as well as our patient-device solution. Stop by booth #2221—we’d love to say hello.

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