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Admin Insider: What's new in Chrome Enterprise, Release 71

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Here’s a look at the changes and features in Chrome 71 most relevant to enterprise admins. For the full list and more detailed descriptions, be sure to read the release notes, and sign up to receive future release notifications.

A better SMS experience with the Android Messages progressive web app on Chrome OS

To provide a seamless SMS experience on Chromebooks, we launched the new Android Message progressive web app (PWA) to augment the Android Web Messages experience for Chromebook users. With the new Android Message PWA, users can use an app to get background notifications, reply and start new SMS messages—even when the app is closed.

More control over printing in Chrome OS

Further improvements have been made to our printing functionality to give enterprises even more granular control. Administrators can now restrict users to 1-sided or 2-sided printing with Chrome OS native print and users will not be able to change the settings on their device. Also new in printing is the ability to render multiple pages into a grid on a single sheet of paper—now available for all printing destinations.

Increased security with default PAC URL stripping

PAC URL Stripping improves security by stripping the privacy- and security-sensitive parts of an https:// URL before passing it on to a PAC (Proxy Auto Config) script, reducing the chance that sensitive information is unnecessarily exposed.

To date, this policy has been disabled by default (set to False), though the recommendation was to enable it (set to True). However from Chrome 71, the policy will be enabled by default, meaning all https:// URLs will be stripped before submitting them to a PAC script.

This change may impact enterprises where the PAC script depends on anything other than the scheme, host, or port of incoming URLs. To determine whether this change impacts your business, check the release notes. The policy will be removed entirely in a future release of Chrome as part of our continued security improvements.

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