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Calling all DevOps, IT Ops, Platform Engineers and SREs: 5 can’t-miss breakout sessions at Next ‘23

August 21, 2023
Ning Ge

Product Marketing Manager, Developer Tooling

Calling all DevOps, IT Ops, Platform Engineers, and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs): Google Cloud Next is just around the corner, and we’ve got a smorgasbord of sessions for you to enjoy. Whether you're an industry veteran or just starting your journey in the world of cloud operations, these five breakout sessions are a must-see. Covering an array of topics, from the latest developments in Kubernetes to the role of AI in optimizing your operations, these sessions will provide you with the insights and skills you need for the generative AI age. Let's dive in!

1. Spotlight: What's Next for Operations and Platform Builders

Led by VPs or GMs of each functional area, Spotlight sessions are designed to provide you with up to date technology insights and how Google Cloud’s flagship services  accelerate your IT and business roadmap. In this Spotlight session, you will learn how to leverage AI and containers to manage your work with speed, scale, and security. Gain essential skills to assist you whether you're building your own platform or developing and managing applications using cloud services. Chen Goldberg, Google Cloud GM & VP of Cloud Runtimes, will share what's new in her area of the business and lead a discussion with industry leaders who will share their journeys achieving business outcomes with Google Cloud.

2. A Conversation on Platform Engineering: What, How, and What’s Next

With 80% of software engineering organizations expected to establish platform teams by 2026 (according to a Gartner article), platform engineering is an area of immense growth. If your organization is adopting or considering adopting Platform Engineering,  you cannot afford to miss this session. Our panel discussion will explore the origins, challenges, and the likely future of Platform Engineering. Industry thought leaders from companies like Mercari, Wendy’s, Spotify and Home Depot will discuss their experiences in implementing the framework within their organizations. 

3. Best Practices for DevOps Velocity and Security on Google Cloud

Are you a DevOps professional? Do you want to be a DevOps professional? Register for this session today to see why DevOps velocity and security are critical for modern businesses. This session will provide an in-depth look at the DevOps best practices on Google Cloud, and the critical skills all DevOps masters need. Real-world examples will guide you on how to best use Google Cloud's DevOps toolchain, from initial code creation to deployment, enhancing both your development velocity and hardening your security posture.

4. The Latest from Google Kubernetes Engine

Mark this session in your calendar if you are an existing GKE customer or considering adopting GKE. Learn the latest news straight from the GKE team, and how it accelerates development across teams while securing the most vital workloads. Also, this session will delve into how Equifax has constructed their global Data Fabric platform on the consistent, secure, and scalable foundation of GKE.

5. Build an AIOps Platform at Enterprise Scale with Google Cloud

You don’t need an advanced neural network to predict that AI will dominate discussions at this year’s Next. If you are looking at how to use AI to help you better operate your application and infrastructure on Google Cloud, do not miss this session. Dive deep into how to build an AIOps platform at an enterprise scale using Google Cloud services. You will learn about building an infrastructure intelligence platform that can “understand” the complex interdependencies of multiple systems, detect and predict issues and outages, and provide integration to automate remediation.

For DevOps, IT Ops, Platform Engineers, and SREs, these Google Cloud Next sessions are tailored to address your unique challenges and needs. Explore topics aligning to your role, gather practical insights, and connect with industry peers – this is an opportunity to both learn and shape the future of cloud operations. Don’t miss out; register for your sessions!

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