Application Development

Tick tock: Register now for our "Better Code, Faster. Let's solve it." online conference

There’s still time to register for Better Code, Faster. Let’s solve it, our global online conference to learn about Google Cloud’s latest full-stack application development technologies, and how to build applications at the speed that your customers need, on January 23-24. Here’s a quick overview of two tracks you can choose from, each featuring breakout sessions and live Q&As led by Google Cloud experts.

Depending on the sessions you choose, the event can take up to three hours. If you are not able to join the sessions live, we still encourage you to register now and we will send you a link to on-demand recordings shortly after the live event.


Keynote: How modern development powers business impact

Join Pali Phat, Google VP of Product & Design, for an interactive look at application development.

Track 1: Serverless - build and ship applications faster

Serverless is one of the hottest topics in the application development world today. The definition of serverless has evolved from functions, to databases, to machine learning and more. In this track, you will learn all you need to know about building full-stack serverless applications. Throughout the track, we will use serverless to quickly connect and extend cloud services and build a full-stack e-commerce web application in real time.

  • Session 1: Serverless fundamentals: building with functions and apps.
  • Session 2: Serverless beyond compute: data and machine learning
  • Session 3: Serverless beyond GCP: taking advantage of Google and third-party services
  • Session 4: Serverless in production: security, reliability, and monitoring

Track 2: CI/CD - speed with reliability

CI/CD can help you release software at high velocity without sacrificing security or quality. With automated build, test, artifact management, and deployment tools as part of CI/CD, you can eliminate manual processes throughout the development and deployment cycles. Come learn how you can setup CI/CD pipelines to deploy to Kubernetes locally or build cloud-native CI/CD pipelines. We will also showcase how you can add security and compliance to these cloud-native pipelines and capabilities you can use to get started with CI/CD.  

  • Session 1: CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy to Kubernetes locally
  • Session 2: Architecting for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery on Google Cloud
  • Session 3: Injecting Security and Compliance into Your CI/CD pipeline
  • Session 4: Adopting Continuous Delivery - Why, What, How?

Look forward to seeing you there!