API Management

You've Tried Apigee Compass. Now What?


So you’ve taken the Apigee Compass assessment, received your organization’s digital score and relative ranking, and you’ve read the six relevant recommendations. For extra credit, you’ve even read the three previous Apigee Compass blog posts.

What’s next?

If you’ve done all of the above, it’s because you have a vested interest in helping your organization digitally transform and you recognize the critical role an API platform plays in that effort.

Here’s how Apigee Compass can help your team develop a common vision around your API program initiative.

If you or your organization is new to the API journey, use Apigee Compass to:

1. Share your results to start a conversation around what you’ll need to do to succeed as an organization. The Apigee Compass dimensions address elements that span business, operational, and IT organizations. Apigee Compass was designed to make it easy to Share results with your team and invite them to take the assessment too. Do you have a common point of view? Where do you see things differently? Use the recommendations to enrich the conversation and start taking action.

2. Execute a measurable plan. It can be easy to get lost in a transformation effort—there are lots of moving parts and competing priorities. Use Apigee Compass to keep your efforts aligned at a high level. For example, if your company has the vision to build an ecosystem or a digital platform, make sure your leadership, funding, and metrics are designed to accelerate, not slow down, rapid API execution and agile product development. Revisit Apigee Compass regularly and measure your progress as you successfully implement the recommendations in your organization.

3. Leverage Apigee Compass recommendation materials to build your case. Sometimes it can be a challenge to connect the dots between a company’s strategy and the specific elements of execution and product that help you deliver the strategic goal. Embedded within the Apigee Compass recommendations are links to eBooks, product specifications, and a variety of others resources to connect the dots from the high-level vision to the nitty gritty of SOAP-to-REST conversion (and so much more!).

If you haven’t already, we invite you to give Apigee Compass a try, and read the other posts in this blog series. It’s a single stop to get your bearings, chart your path, and get others to join your API-first digital transformation.