API Management

Product Update: Apigee Edge Public Cloud

One of the big benefits of a cloud-based service is frequent feature updates that our customers can start using the moment they become available. From shared flows and flow hooks to developer portal security to bug fixes, here are the latest Apigee Edge product updates.

Shared flows and flow hooks are generally available

The shared flows and flow hooks features introduced in cloud release 16.09.21 have moved to general availability and appear by default in the Edge management UI. These features enable consistent operational behavior across multiple proxies. With shared flows, you group reusable policies and resources, then execute them at specific points (flow hooks) before or after the main flows in an API proxy. See details about this feature here.

What does this really add up to? Zero downtime deployment of shared flows using APIs so no incoming traffic is affected.

Yes, you heard that right. Go here for additional details.


Still using the Apigee secure store (vault)?

The Apigee secure store, also known as "vaults," is being deprecated and will be retired a year from now. Vaults provided a mechanism for encrypted storage of key/value pairs to persist sensitive data and system or service credentials. You create vaults using the management API and access them runtime with functions in the apigee-access Node.js module. Instead of using the secure store, you should start using encrypted key value maps (KVMs). See more details here.

Securing the developer portal

You can now enable SAML authentication on your developer portal. The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) specification defines formats and protocols that enable applications to exchange XML-formatted information for authentication and authorization. Administrators of organizations that have been configured for single sign-on can configure the developer portal to use SAML authentication. Contact your Apigee customer support representative to enable SAML authentication on your developer portal; go here for more information.

Using the New Edge UI?


The New Edge UI is updated frequently.

  • Did you know you can access the API BaaS directly from the navigation bar? The BaaS interface in the New Edge experience is functionally identical to the classic Edge experience.

  • Want to create multiple branded developer portals in minutes? No problem. Check out how in a few clicks.

  • We made some performance improvements including compression of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript responses using gzip and optimizations to the side navigation bar display to make for an optimal UI experience.

Check out the updated docs site for the New Edge UI here and all the latest release notes here.

Bug fixes

We’ve made several bug fixes, including resolving errors encountered when importing and saving large proxy bundles, UI crashes related to viewing a product associated with tens of thousands of apps, and errors associated with monetization rate plans. For a comprehensive list of all bug fixes, please visit the “Bugs Fixed” sections of the specific releases.

We encourage you to try out these new features, ask questions, and provide feedback on the Apigee Community.