API Management

Pitney Bowes: Building the Commerce Cloud with Apigee

Visit the Pitney Bowes website, and you’ll see the company’s key services—shipping, location intelligence, and more—splashed prominently across the page. Read a little further, and you’ll see that these capabilities, key pillars that this century-old company built its business on, have been transformed for the digital world and made available via the cloud.

The Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud has become a powerful innovation platform that enables the company to easily and quickly deliver a wide range of Pitney Bowes services, analytics, and APIs to clients. Central to this cloud offering is the Apigee API management platform, says Pitney Bowes chief innovation officer Roger Pilc.

“By choosing Apigee as the foundation for the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, it’s allowed us to very easily digitize competencies and capabilities,” he says.

The company now offers 160 public APIs delivered from the Commerce Cloud. The Apigee platform is the gateway that securely shares these capabilities with developers and technology partners in a developer-friendly way.

Apigee also grants internal developers access to more than 400 internal APIs, making it far less complicated to build new services from a wide variety of disparate or legacy technologies, Pilc says.

“By putting all of these capabilities behind Apigee, we’ve been able to digitize and really unleash these capabilities,” he says.

Working with Apigee and its monetization features has also enabled Pitney Bowes to launch new revenue streams and business models, Pilc adds.

"Literally we've had tens and tens of millions of dollars of revenue this year in 2017 that we didn't have at all in 2016 based on the power of Apigee and its monetization capabilities."