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Introducing Apigee Compass Teams

October 22, 2018
John Rethans


We’re excited to announce the latest release of Apigee Compass, the API industry’s first self-service digital transformation benchmarking and recommendation tool.

Apigee Compass is based on more than five years of working closely with hundreds of customers around the world, across industries. Since its launch last year, thousands of users have taken the Apigee Compass assessment, learned their digital scores and where they stand compared to top digital companies, and received curated advice on the best next steps in their digital transformations.

Customers told us that they wanted to more easily share their scores with their colleagues and managers, encourage others to take the assessment, and build a common understanding and action plan to advance their digital transformations.

With the latest release of Apigee Compass, users can now form a team and invite colleagues and managers to join and contribute to an assessment.

Apigee Compass will then calculate a composite score that takes into account all participating assessments, as well as enabling everyone to see each other’s individual scores. This makes it easy to discuss, debate, and reach a common understanding of an organization’s progress on its digital transformation journey.

Users can also update their assessments and recalculate their company’s composite score whenever they choose, to reflect the maturity of their organization over time.

Teams can assign teammates responsibility for following up with particular recommendations, and forecast the impact that completing those recommendations will have on the organization’s overall score and benchmark.

Finally, users can invite their sales and customer success contacts at Google to join the team in a view-only capacity; this enables us to provide tailored advice and help keep an organization’s digital transformation moving forward.

It’s important for everyone involved in your company’s API program to be on the same page; we invite your team to take the Apigee Compass assessment and take advantage of tailored recommendations and best practices. It’s free, whether you’re already a customer, or just starting out on your digital journey.

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