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Introducing Apigee Compass

July 26, 2017
John Rethans

A new product to accelerate your digital transformation

Earlier this month, Apigee launched the beta of Apigee Compass, a new solution that not only pinpoints an organization’s progress in its digital transformation, but also helps it chart a path forward and understand where it stands compared to other companies.

Enterprises know that to compete in today’s economy, all businesses must operate like software businesses. Many of the most sophisticated companies recognize that this requires the agility to endlessly combine and recombine software for different digital products—a process that starts with APIs. But the journey is notoriously tricky. Digital transformation isn’t just an issue of deploying new technologies—it’s about changing the way a company does business.

This is where Apigee Compass comes in. With this new app, any executive, program leader, and business or IT person can score their API-first transformation, benchmark their progress against other enterprises, and receive curated recommendations based on our work with hundreds of customers worldwide—all packaged to help them in move their program forward.


Working with enterprise customers around the globe and in all industries, we’ve seen again and again that the customers who have experienced the most success implementing their API-first digital transformation shared common patterns. And we’ve watched those who struggled encounter common pitfalls.

For the past five years, our thought leadership and strategy teams have identified and communicated best practices and highlighted the traps companies should avoid along the way. Understanding which patterns apply to a company at a given moment in time can help it become more digitally sophisticated. But our efforts’ impact was limited by some of the same challenges our customers face in their own transformation efforts:

  • Scale: They're bounded by the breadth of transformation; it requires influencing a lot of people across many teams
  • Speed: Scheduling meetings takes time; scheduling meetings across many stakeholders takes too much time—it definitely doesn’t move at the speed of digital.
  • Self-service: EBooks and articles are much more useful and impactful to customers when presented in a context relevant to them.
Apigee Compass addresses these limitations. This new approach meets our customers where they are and helps them take action broadly, quickly, and with far less risk, because it provides a comprehensive framework to help navigate their API-first digital transformation.

Answering ten quick questions in less than 5 minutes is all it takes. The app is free—no strings attached.

You can also share your results with others in your organization and invite them to take the survey—comparing your different perspectives is a powerful way to build alignment and a common understanding of the actions that need to be taken to drive success.

Find out where your company stands. Get your digital score and custom recommendations with Apigee Compass.

Coming up next, we’ll dive into some of the operational challenges enterprises face when they embark on digital transformation, and explore some of the ways Apigee Compass is designed to help.

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