API Management

How to Get Started Using the New Apigee Edge Experience

New video series

Last year, we unveiled a brand new approach to designing, developing, and publishing APIs using Apigee Edge. Thanks to the Edge platform's APIs, the new Apigee Edge experience sits on top of the same great platform that that powers the "classic" Edge experience but adds several enhancements, particularly in the areas of API design and publishing.

To help you get started using the new Apigee Edge experience, we're rolling out a video series, available at: https://docs-new.apigee.com/videos.


Two-minute overview: this provides a quick look at the new Apigee Edge experience and highlights what’s different from Classic Edge.


Design your API: Plan the interface you'd like to expose to consumers, and describe it using the OpenAPI Specification format. The new Apigee Edge experience includes a spec editor to make it easier to write and manage your OpenAPI specifications.


Publish your APIs: Using the new Apigee Edge experience, you publish your APIs to enable app developers to access and use them from your portal.

Stay tuned! More videos will be posted soon to help you navigate through all phases of the API lifecycle using the new Apigee Edge experience.