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How Apigee Compass Accelerates Digital Transformation

Get a digital score, learn what needs work, and act on recommendations


In our last two posts about Apigee Compass, we introduced the product’s ability to help enterprises navigate digital transformation, and we explored some of the problems Apigee Compass is designed to address—namely, the operational chasm that exists in most companies between technical and business teams.

Here, we’ll delve into how Apigee Compass actually works, and how it can accelerate your digital transformation.

Benchmarking your digital sophistication

At the heart of Apigee Compass is the “digital score.” Based upon a 100-point scale, the score is calculated using a proprietary weighting algorithm that is informed by Apigee's years of experience working with top enterprises, as well as the our research collaboration with various universities, thought leaders, and business leaders.

With your score, you’ll be able to compare your organization’s digital sophistication to other organizations working to transform themselves, across industries. Is your organization lagging, progressing in its journey, competitive, or leading the pack? The score also enables you to set goals for your API program.

Apigee Compass is organized into the 10 dimensions that our research indicates are most relevant to API-first digital transformation. These dimensions fall into three categories:

  • Vision, which measures whether your organization has the right mindset to succeed at digital transformation  
  • Alignment, which measures whether your API governance is built to support agile API product development
  • Execution, which measures how effectively you can build and scale valuable APIs
Over the years, we’ve observed that organizations that have the most developed vision can more easily align and execute. This may not sound like rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many times companies will try to jump right into execution only to encounter strong headwinds due to a lack of executive support, proper funding, or basic agreement about goals and objectives.

The 10 dimensions not only help you understand specifically where to apply support, but also highlight that an API-first digital transformation is exactly that—a transformation of the whole enterprise. The dimensions include:


Platform: How developed is your organization’s platform vision?

API: Does your organization understand the business leverage that can be provided by API management?

Ecosystem: How is your organization thinking about driving business value through an ecosystem of partners, customers and developers?

Outside-in: To what degree is your organization focused on” outside-in” strategies, which incorporate data to improve customer and partner experiences?


Leadership: Is there top-down support for APIs?

Metrics: Are you measuring the right things?

Funding: Are funds available for scaling your APIs and agile development?


SDLC: To what extent do you use agile, CI/CD, DevOps and/or cloud-native approaches to software development and life-cycle management?

Talent: How well-developed and integrated is your organization’s digital talent?

Self-service: How easy is it for developers (whether they be internal or external) to access and start building on your APIs?

Recommendations to accelerate your transformation

Of course, just knowing where you stand isn’t enough. You’ve also got to know where to go next. That is why Apigee Compass provides each user a curated set of six prioritized, field-tested recommendations to help them improve their score—and, more importantly, to accelerate their digital transformation.

Clicking on each recommendation provides you with a clear point of view and prescriptive action steps, as well as additional layers of context that include links to relevant articles and product information that you can use in your own planning and internal discussions.

We’ve found that these recommendations and background information are very useful to executives and API champions as they plan and evangelize their API-first transformation.

Finally, Apigee Compass enables you to drive the conversation within your organization by quickly and easily sharing your results with others and inviting them to take the assessment themselves. A true API-first transformation requires a broad and senior set of stakeholders to share a common vision and understanding; Apigee Compass is a powerful tool to level-set the conversation in your organization.

We invite you to explore with Apigee Compass. It’s a single stop to get your bearings, chart your path, and get others to join your API-first digital transformation. Coming up next, we'll offer up practical advice for putting your Apigee Compass results to work.