API Management

Getting Started with Apigee API Management

A step-by-step video tutorial for new Apigee Edge users

Apigee has helped hundreds of enterprises harness the power of their APIs and evolve into digital businesses.

But how do you get started with Apigee Edge?

We’ve just produced a step-by-step, eight-part video series that will enable you to start managing your APIs in minutes. Learn the basics of securely exposing your APIs, publishing them to developers via your own customized API portal, getting visibility into API, app, and developer analytics, and more.

Before you dive in, sign up for a free trial of Apigee Edge (or if you already have an account, sign in here). Then get started with episode one below (click on the images to play each video). Enjoy!

Welcome to Apigee API management! In this first episode, get an overview of the series and an introduction to the benefits of the Apigee platform.

Get a walk-through of how to build your first proxy and begin serving traffic.

Learn how to add API key verification to any API proxy.

Learn how to troubleshoot and monitor proxies running on Apigee Edge with the Trace tool. 

Learn how to build and publish your developer portal.

Learn how to publish APIs to a developer portal.

Take a quick walk-through of Apigee Edge API Analytics.

Learn about next steps as you reach the end of your free Apigee Edge trial.