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Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.19.01 Is Here!

February 6, 2019
Rajesh Mishra

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud 4.19.01. This release gives our customers even more flexibility to manage their APIs with features like Open API 3.0 support (OAS 3.0), self-healing with apigee-monit, TLS security, virtual host management improvements, and additional software support. Most notably, we are making the New Edge experience generally available to all customers.

The New Edge experience sits on top of the same platform that powers the "classic" Edge experience but adds several enhancements, particularly in the areas of API design and publishing. You’ll also notice an updated, modern look across all parts of Apigee Edge.

The New Edge experience supports full backwards compatibility; your current API proxies and applications will continue to work, so no migration is required. You can easily switch back to classic view in the UI

Some of the features we’ve released are only available in the New Edge experience, including:

  • Virtual hosts management in the UI
  • OAS 3.0 support

With this release, Apigee Edge Monetization, which was previously only in the classic UI, is now generally available in the New Edge experience.

SAML Single-Sign-On, the recommended way for securing modern enterprise apps, is required in the New Edge experience.


Open API Specification 3.0 support

API proxies can now be created from OAS 3.0 (the most recent spec) in the proxy wizard.

Self-healing and monitoring

Several of our customers have told us about the benefits they’ve experienced from using Apigee in conjunction with Monit, an open-source process supervision tool. These benefits include increased uptime and resilience of the overall system.

To better enable all our customers to use Monit, we’re launching apigee-monit, which adds self-healing capabilities to help ensure all Apigee Edge components remain up and running all the time. It does this by providing the following services:

  • Restarting failed services
  • Displaying summary information
  • Logging monitoring status
  • Sending notifications
  • Monitoring non-Edge services

TLS improvements

We’ve added more TLS configuration options to provide our customers with more choices in selecting the protocol and cypher suites that best fit their needs. These options now include TLS protocols (default 1.2) and TLS cipher parameters.

Software support

This release adds support for RHEL 7.6, CentOS 7.6, and Oracle Linux 7.5. The full list of supported versions can be found here. Apigee recommends running the Apigee stack on the latest OS releases.  

Other improvements

  • New best practices for Private Cloud deployment on AWS around networking and Cassandra.
  • Org validation is enforced in setup script with an optional silent config parameter SKIP_ORG_NAME_VALIDATION=y

How to upgrade

We encourage you to upgrade to this new release to start benefiting from the added features, UI enhancements, and bug fixes. You can update Apigee Edge versions 4.17.09, 4.18.01 and 4.18.05 to 4.19.01 directly. If you have a version that is older than 4.17.09, you must first migrate to version 4.18.01 and then update to the latest version 4.19.01.

Here are some links to get you started:

If you’re new to Apigee Edge for Private Cloud, you can install a new instance by following the installation instructions.

There’s a lot more to share than what we’ve covered here; additional details can be found in our release notes. Visit the Apigee Community to ask questions, leave feedback, or start a conversation.

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