API Management

Apigee API Monitoring Is Generally Available!

We’re excited to announce general availability of our API monitoring feature to all Apigee Edge Public Cloud enterprise customers. This new feature helps operations teams increase API availability for customers, developers, and partners by helping them monitor their APIs, find issues, and fix them quickly.

Here's a short overview video:

As APIs become the de-facto standard of building and connecting modern applications, the experience of several stakeholders is heavily dependent on their performance. API service degradation can have an adverse impact on customer experience, brand value, and revenue.

To deliver a seamless and connected experience, we added monitoring capabilities to the Apigee Edge API Management platform. It provides contextual insights into API performance, helps quickly diagnose issues, and facilitates remedial actions for business continuity.


Here's what Jyotheeswar Lakshmana, production engineer at Kohls, had to say about this new feature: “Apigee API monitoring helps us monitor our APIs to provide a seamless and consistent experience for our customers. Because of its integration with Apigee Edge, it gives us end-to-end visibility across API operations and helps us quickly identify and act on API issues.”

Integrated monitoring

Apigee API monitoring is deeply integrated with Apigee Edge enterprise cloud, providing end-to-end visibility into the API value chain, from a developer’s application to the backed target. It also enables users to drill down and analyze granular-level metrics, including latencies and errors caused by proxies and backend targets.


Precision diagnosis

Traditional monitoring tools are limited to reporting availability information by making synthetic calls to live APIs. On the other hand, Apigee API monitoring leverages its integration with the Apigee Edge platform to precisely find the source of an API error—whether it’s a developer application, the proxy layer, or a backend target. Navigating from an alert notification, users can diagnose an error in just a few clicks; with traditional tools, this requires toggling between and cross referencing multiple systems.


Contextual insights

Apigee API monitoring equips users to take the most appropriate actions in the context of the issue being investigated. This enables operations teams to focus on important tasks rather than fixing operational issues. It also facilitates grouping of proxies and targets to closely monitor business-critical APIs. Alerts are supported by your webhooks and other channels, including Slack, PagerDuty, or email.


Get started

Apigee API monitoring will be rolled out in phases to all Apigee Edge Public Cloud Enterprise customers in the coming weeks. Check out the documentation to get started; you'll find a complete feature overview, a guided tutorial, FAQs, and more. Or, to learn more about Apigee and sign up for an evaluation account, visit the Apigee website.