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Meet Gen AI Navigator: Your personalized guide to adopting generative AI

October 26, 2023
Sarah Kennedy

Vice President, Growth & Demand Generation, Google Cloud Marketing

As we enter the home stretch of 2023, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world before the generative AI explosion we’ve experienced over the last year. Today, it’s no longer just the thing everyone is talking about, it’s also the thing everyone is experimenting with hands-on, or at least trying to figure out the best way to get started.


If that sounds familiar, you certainly aren’t alone, which is why we recently published “The executive's guide to generative AI” report from Google Cloud, designed to help you kickstart your own internal efforts with Gen AI including a step-by-step guide.

Today, we’re taking things one step further on your Gen AI journey to help you create and measure real value as you try to chart the best course and drive adoption across your organization. I’d like to introduce you to the new personalized Gen AI Navigator from Google Cloud, a practical tool designed to help businesses of any size or scale realize the true potential of Gen AI in the year ahead.

This interactive assessment dives into your AI maturity, industry challenges and current business operations to provide actionable steps that can help maximize the impact of your Gen AI strategy and investment. After you complete the quick assessment, you'll receive a detailed report based on your organization’s specific environment, needs and opportunities.

Sounds interesting? Let’s take a closer look at what the new tool can do.

Unpacking the most valuable features of Gen AI Navigator


The Gen AI Navigator is designed to help you identify your organization’s fastest path to adoption & impact, including three sections each covering key aspects of an effective plan:

  1. Strategy: The first section of the Gen AI Navigator assesses your organization's vision and strategy for integrating gen AI into business operations. It assesses your methodologies around gen AI to frame your organization's approach.
  2. Infrastructure: The second section focuses on understanding the unique needs and capabilities of your organization’s systems, platforms, and data. These questions will help us get a better sense of your data and hosting infrastructure and smart training practices so that we can give you targeted recommendations for a successful investment in generative AI.
  3. Skills: In the rapidly evolving world of gen AI, organizations need to think through how to strategically upskill collective understanding through individual learning and development. The third section considers your current and future commitment to AI as an organization. It assesses how well you are training and educating employees on AI, including prompt engineering, model tuning and model augmentation, as well as analyzes your enablement plans to ensure your employees are prepared to leverage Gen AI in their daily workflow moving forward.

Output: Once you complete these three sections, you'll receive a full, personalized report with tips to get started unique to your organization. The report is highly detailed with step-by-step guides tailored to your industry, goals, and current-state AI maturity of your overall business.

Ready to go? Start your assessment now

Are you ready to put Gen AI to work? Get started now with Google Cloud Gen AI Navigator.

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