Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud

A first-class experience for Windows-based workloads

Run Windows applications on powerful, scalable infrastructure with the choice to self-manage workloads or leverage managed services. Use services that include bundled licenses or bring your own. Migrating these workloads to Google Cloud lays the foundation to optimize to reduce license cost, and modernize to reduce dependency on Microsoft® technologies to further reduce licensing costs and move to a more agile and scalable framework.

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  • Improves conversion rates and revenue

  • Enables more secure ecommerce services

  • Reduces data center costs by a projected 40% within year three

  • Google Cloud support for legacy Windows workloads

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Simplify your modernization journey from Windows

Feeling stuck between maintaining your legacy platform and planning a future where your Microsoft licensing dependency is reduced? Solving this challenge involves a strategy of migration, optimization, and modernization.

Start with migration

Moving Windows workloads to Google Cloud enables companies to increase their IT agility and reduce their on-premises footprint. Tools like Migrate for Compute and Migrate for Anthos can help you migrate and even upgrade during migration.

Optimize license usage to reduce cost

Optimize your license expense and exposure by increasing usage efficiency through innovative features built into existing products. Managed services for SQL Server and Active Directory reduce total cost of ownership. Move your .NET applications to .NET core. Move SQL Server to SQL Server on Linux.

Modernize to reduce single-vendor dependency

Google Cloud also provides an open path to modernization—containerization of Windows servers, managed services, cloud-native development practices, and multi-cloud readiness. By choosing Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), customers can pave the way for running Windows across different clouds with Anthos.

Key benefits

Bring your own licenses

In addition to on-demand licenses, Google Cloud provides you with flexibility for bringing your existing licenses and running them on Compute Engine. Use Sole-Tenant Nodes to run on dedicated hardware with configurable maintenance policies to support your on-premises licenses while maintaining workload uptime and security through host-level live migration.

BYOL Licenses
License-included VM images

You can deploy your Windows applications (including SQL Server) on our fully tested images with bundled licenses on Compute Engine and take advantage of many benefits available to virtual machine instances such as reliable storage options, the speed of the Google network, and autoscaling.

Windows on Compute Engine
Fully managed SQL Server

Easy-to-manage compatible relational databases in the cloud.

Cloud SQL for SQL Server
Fully managed Active Directory

Use a highly available, hardened Google Cloud service that enables you to manage authentication and authorization for your AD-dependent workloads, automate AD server maintenance and security configuration, and connect your on-premises AD domain to the cloud.

Managed Service for Microsoft AD
Windows on Kubernetes

Running your Windows Server containers on GKE can save you on licensing costs, as you can pack many Windows Server containers on each Windows node.

Windows cluster on GKE

Migrate, optimize, and modernize Windows workloads

The first step on the path to modernization is to migrate your Windows workloads to Google Cloud. Let us help you do this with detailed guides, managed services, and partner engagements.

Use case
Run Windows Server on Google Cloud

With leading security, networking, and price-performance, Google’s infrastructure is a first-class environment for Windows and enterprise workloads. From Windows virtual machines powering IT, line-of-business, and mission-critical applications, to native .NET integration across familiar Microsoft development tools like Visual Studio and PowerShell, Windows has a first-class foundation on Google Cloud. Running workloads on Google Cloud also unlocks the full suite of Google services as well as the power of our partner ecosystem.

Use case
Run Microsoft SQL Server workloads on Google Cloud

Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server. Bring your existing SQL Server licenses and run them on Compute Engine or run license-included SQL Server VM images on Compute Engine. Use fully managed Cloud SQL for SQL Server to reduce operational overhead. Run SQL Server on Linux in Google Kubernetes Engine to modernize.

Use case
Run Microsoft Windows applications on Google Cloud

Migrate and deploy Windows-server based and .NET applications on Google Cloud. Integrate Google’s vast services APIs with native .NET libraries available to your teams in open source or port your apps to .NET core on Linux. Connect your on-premises AD domain to Google Cloud or deploy a standalone domain for your cloud-based workloads. Run Sharepoint and Dynamics on Google Cloud, too.

Recommended products and services

Choose between a license-included image or bring your own license. Manage workloads yourself or use a fully managed service.

Recommended partners

System Integration (SI) partners can help migrate Windows applications from on-premises data centers and run Windows workloads on Google Cloud. Technology (ISV) partners have validated their product to work on Google Cloud for Windows to help our customers in the areas of migration, high availability, security, and management.