Why Google Cloud

Leading companies across industries are choosing Google Cloud to solve their toughest challenges.

Run your apps wherever you need them

Avoid vendor lock-in with Google Cloud’s commitment to open source, multicloud, and hybrid cloud—allowing you to use your data and run your apps on any cloud or in any environment. Our open cloud solutions provide consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize and developers to build faster in any environment.

Anthos: A modern application platform for your business

General Session: Google Cloud’s Data Analytics Strategy

Make smarter decisions with the leading data platform

Maximize insights from your data with Google Cloud’s machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities. Our serverless data analytics and machine learning platform helps you automate processes, make intelligent predictions, and streamline management and operations.

Run on the cleanest cloud in the industry

Power your workloads on a net carbon-neutral cloud. Electricity used to run Google Cloud products and services is matched 100% with renewable energy. As the only major cloud provider to purchase enough renewable energy to cover all operations, Google Cloud offers your business a path to sustainability.

Google Sustainability: Our most ambitious decade yet

How Google Cloud’s security experts protect customer data and privacy

Operate confidently with advanced security tools

Google Cloud protects your data, applications, infrastructure, and customers from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse with the same infrastructure and security services Google uses. Google Cloud’s networking, data storage, and compute services provide data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use. Advanced security tools support compliance and data confidentiality.

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“If we hadn't taken a machine learning approach, it would have taken us three years instead of three months to analyze 1,700 tissue samples, even with a team of dedicated pathologists. We're also achieving better consistency and quality.”

Mia M. Gaudet, PhD, Scientific Director of Epidemiology Research, American Cancer Society
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Transform how you connect and collaborate

Google Workspace provides your workforce with chat, email, video calling, and document collaboration apps in a single space. With an integrated workspace, teams collaborate more effectively, frontline workers stay connected, and businesses can build new customer experiences.

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Gain visibility into your cloud costs with Google Cloud cost management tools

Save money, increase efficiency, and optimize spend

86% of Google Cloud customers agree that "Google Cloud helped increase their operational efficiency and optimize IT spend," according to a TechValidate study. Google Cloud saves you money with our transparent and innovative approach to pricing. Reduce time spent on platform management by 40% to 55% with Anthos. Save up to 32% when you migrate applications to Google Cloud versus running them on-premises.

Get customized solutions for your specific industry

Google Cloud helps drive business transformation for some of the world’s leading companies in retail, financial services, manufacturing, media, gaming, entertainment, telco, public sector, and healthcare. Google Cloud partners with our customers to build customized solutions for their toughest challenges. Businesses like Procter & Gamble and Target trust Google Cloud because of our industry-first solutions, expertise, and robust ecosystem of partners.

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“We have more than a couple of Googlers by our side and they are really just like Air Asia employees. They find the right technology and approach for us to use to solve our problems.”

Kong Wei Lye, Chief Data Officer, Air Asia
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