Quotas and limits

This document contains content limits and request quotas for VPC Service Controls. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage limits.


VPC Service Controls does not directly enforce any quotas. If your service perimeter uses one or more access levels, you may be subject to the Access Context Manager quotas.


When creating a service perimeter with VPC Service Controls, the following limits are enforced:

  • Projects per perimeter: 10000

  • Services per perimeter: 100

  • Access levels per perimeter: 30

  • Total number of attributes in ingress or egress rules such as projects, access levels, method selectors, or identities: 2000

Additionally, VPC Service Controls has the following limits:

  • Access policies per organization: 1

  • Perimeters per policy (including perimeter bridges): 1000

  • Projects per policy (total for all perimeters): 20,000

When creating access levels for your perimeter, Access Context Manager enforces the following limits:

  • Access levels per access policy: 500

  • Conditions per level: 40

  • List items per attribute (for example, the number of CIDR ranges you can include): 100