Accessing management appliances

From the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal, you can launch an instance of the vSphere client for your private cloud:

  1. Access the VMware Engine portal
  2. On the home page, click Launch vSphere client.
  3. For the private cloud you're managing, click Launch vSphere Client.
  4. Select the default HTML5 client.
  5. Sign in with your vSphere credentials.

credentials

VMware Engine generates passwords for management appliances on each private cloud you create. You can retrieve any generated credentials from the private cloud details page:

  1. Access the VMware Engine portal
  2. Go to Resources and select your private cloud.
  3. In the Basic info section, click the View link for either your vCenter login info (vCenter Server, HCX Manager) or NSX-T login info (NSX Manager).

To generate new credentials, click the corresponding Reset password link. This can be helpful if you misplace your password after changing it through a management appliance. The password reset process applies to new sign-ins, and doesn't affect existing sessions. After resetting a password, update automated tools and scripts with the new credentials.