VMware Engine is upgrading existing private clouds to use newer VMware components. See Service announcements for more details.

Allocating public IP addresses

Public IP addresses let you connect from the internet to your workload virtual machine (VM), an appliance, or a load balancer running in your private cloud. For example, if you run a web server on your workload VM, you can serve web traffic using the public IP address through the internet.

Allocate a public IP address

To allocate a public IP address, do the following:

  1. Access the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal
  2. Go to Network > Public IPs.
  3. Click Allocate.
  4. Enter a name for the IP address entry.
  5. Select the Location where you want to serve the allocated public IP.
  6. Enter the local IP address for which you want to assign a public IP address.
  7. Click Submit to begin the task of allocating the public IP address.

You can check the status of the task on the Activity > Tasks page. When allocation is complete, the new entry appears on the Public IPs page with the Operational status.