Allocate public IP addresses

Public IP addresses let you connect from the internet to your workload virtual machine (VM), an appliance, or a load balancer running in your private cloud. For example, if you run a web server on your workload VM, you can serve web traffic using the public IP address through the internet.

Allocate a public IP address

To allocate a public IP address, do the following:

  1. Access the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal and select Network.
  2. Select Public IPS.
  3. Click Allocate.
  4. Enter a name for the IP address entry.
  5. Keep the default location.
  6. Enter the local IP address for which you want to assign a public IP address.
  7. Click Submit to begin the task of allocating the public IP address.

You can check the status of the task on the Activity > Tasks page. When allocation is complete, the new entry is shown on the Public IPs page.