Account management

You control access to VMware Engine portal using the IAM roles and permissions. Users with VMware Engine Service Viewer and VMware Engine Service Admin roles can access the VMware Engine portal. Users with primitive roles, Owner, Editor and Viewer can access the VMware Engine portal.

Additional alert email

You can configure email IDs to receive the following alerts:

  • Alerts related to your service
  • Alerts about automatic processing

Operator access

You can control access to the VMware Engine portal for service operations personnel. Service operations personnel sign in to the portal when you submit a support ticket. Service operations personnel fix problems you report. You can view their actions in the audit logs. Operator access is disabled by default.

Disable a user

You can prevent a user from accessing the VMware Engine portal by disabling the user. The user will continue to have access to the Google Cloud console. Disabling a user only prevents the user from accessing VMware Engine

Delete a user

You can delete a user from VMware Engine. The user is deleted only from VMware Engine. The user is not deleted from Google Cloud and can access different services based on roles and permissions assigned. If you delete a user from VMware Engine and do not change the roles and permissions from Google Cloud, the user can access VMware Engine portal.

What's next